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A well-maintained Fuel Transfer Pump can efficiently serve your desires for years. Find the top useful maintenance tips for fuel transfer pump through this PPT. This will really help you in finding the best transfer pumps.


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Useful Maintenance Tips for Fuel Transfer Pump:

Useful Maintenance Tips for Fuel Transfer Pump By: Liquid Containment


INTRODUCTION The fuel pump plays the crucial role in making sure your vehicle runs smoothly. A well maintained Fuel Transfer Pump can efficiently serve your desires for years. Though you might have to make some minor repairs and replace some parts, which is necessary to keep it fully functional. If you want to append a few years to the life of your gasoline or diesel transfers pump then you will find following tips pretty helpful:

Fuel Transfer Pump Maintenance Tips::

Fuel Transfer Pump Maintenance Tips: Make sure that the model and specifications are correct before you install the pump on a diesel generating set. Start with removing rust preventive oil and then choose gasket of appropriate thickness. The piston will not run smoothly if the gasket is too thick or too thin. Tighten torque uniformly to prevent damage to the pump. Regularly check and clean the coarse filter core in the pump. Inspection of strainer is required on the regular basis and repair or change if damaged. You can find a rubber seal between the hand oil pump body and the hand oil pump piston. Inspect the rubber seal regularly but do not remove. Replace if the rubber seal is damaged. Press back hand oil pump of the generator set after using. When the pressure between the rubber ring and hand oil pump is not tight, it causes leakage. Tighten the button in order to prevent it.

Fuel Transfer Pump Maintenance Tips::

Fuel Transfer Pump Maintenance Tips: ‘Four spring’ is divided into oil outlet valve spring, oil inlet valve spring, piston spring and roller spring. Ensure its elasticity for plunger oil transfer pump. Replace it on time if the elasticity spring is broken or weakened. You can also make adjustments by adding a pad to avoid damage to the diesel generator. Corrosion is expected when the diesel generator set is not used for a long time. Pump body, piston, the tappet and tappet body are most likely to fall victim to rust. So, take all necessary rust preventive measures. The lubricating oil in the sump of the fuel injection pump often contains water and other impurities. So, replace the lubricating oil on regular basis. Inspect every part of the diesel transfer pump after you have not used it for a long time. If you notice sag, wear, pocking mark on the valve surface or any other similar phenomenon, repair or replace the damaged part before it starts damaging other parts.


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