Top Five Transfer Pump Myths Busted

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Transfer Pump is one of the fastest gadgets that save our precious time and hard work. It is capable of moving any kind of liquid from one place to another with the touch of a button. Get to know the top transfer pump myths that are busted in the mind.


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Top 5 Transfer Pump Myths Busted!


Utility gadgets have made our lives a lot easier. From smart phones that keep us connected to screwdrivers that get us along with broken machinery, it’s hard to imagine the kind of life we live today without these utility gadgets. Transfer Pump is one such gadget that saves us hours of hard work and transfers any kind of liquid from one place to another with the touch of a button. These pumps have become a daily need for people facing water scarcity and a handy help for the urban settlers. Although being a real time-saving option and a durable product, these pumps have certain myths surrounding them.  We have taken these myths in consideration and provided appropriate clarifications after consultations with Transfer Pumps Australia dealers. Let’s see what they have to say!

They Can’t Transfer Thick Oil:

They Can’t Transfer Thick Oil This claim is absolutely incorrect as transfer pumps can transfer any kind of oil, from thick to thin. The myth has arisen due to certain low-quality pumps that are unable to handle viscous oils and give up after a period of time but if you go for professional transfer pumps, they never fail to transfer thick oils and neither is their transfer rate ever affected. Hence, this myth is completely false. 

They Are Not Portable:

They Are Not Portable This is too a sham statement as there are several models of handheld transfer pumps available on the market that can work as well as the industrial pumps. Many pump manufacturers have lightweight performance models that can easily take care of your transfer needs while you are on-the-go. These can easily fit into your car boot space or a pick-up truck.

Their Batteries Last Only an Hour:

Their Batteries Last Only an Hour Transfer Pumps Australia manufacturers now offer newly invented transfer pumps that are battery operated. These pumps have a capacity to run for several hours at a stretch and never fail to complete the transferring process. These can transfer water, fuel, oil and many other liquids at a rate of up to 5 liters per minute. They can handle a volume of 80 liters in a single charge. 

They Get Stuck In Sludge:

They Get Stuck In Sludge Gone are the days when transfer pumps got stuck due to sludge. All the new transfer pumps can take care of sludge without any problem while being energy efficient at the same time. Make sure that the liquid you are transferring doesn’t have solid objects in it such as bolts, nuts etc. Those can clog the working of the pump.  

They Are Not Preferable For Outings:

They Are Not Preferable For Outings As mentioned earlier, several handheld pumps now allow you to take them anywhere you go. This is especially important for long rides where you need to refuel after short whiles. Transfer Pumps in Australia are highly popular for this particular advantage among the long distance riders.

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