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Often ESL speakers find it tough to give clear and correct instructions and directions. Here are some useful language and vocabulary tools.


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Slide 2: 

m n RAJU 2 Open your note books. Take your pens. Write an ‘instruction’. Exchange your note book with your neighbor. Read the ‘instruction’ to yourself. Consider the structure of the ‘instruction’.


m n RAJU 3 INSTRUCTIONS ARE Imperatives Verbs (action words) Without ‘to’ Without any noun or pronoun in front of them.

Slide 4: 

m n RAJU 4 Open your note books. Take your pens. Write an ‘instruction’. Exchange your note book with your neighbor. Read the ‘instruction’ to yourself. Consider the structure of the ‘instruction’.

Slide 5: 

m n RAJU 5

Slide 6: 

m n RAJU 6 You should open your note books. Open your note books. You must take your pens. Take your pens. You will write an ‘instruction’. Write an ‘instruction’.

Slide 7: 

m n RAJU 7 You open your note books. You take your pens. You write any one… You exchange your note... You read the ‘instruction’ ... You consider the structure… X




m n RAJU 9 VERBAL ECONOMY Don’t look away from the camera. Don’t look sideways. Don’t look up and down. Don’t close your eyes. Look straight into the camera.


m n RAJU 10 STEP BY STEP … Press the battery chamber latch. Slide the cover out. Insert the batteries, the right side. Close the compartment cover. Slide the cover in, until it latches.


m n RAJU 11 STEP BY STEP … Slice the carrots. Remove the tops and tails. Boil the carrots for 5 minutes. Drain. Melt the butter in a frying pan. Add the carrots. Add lemon juice & honey. Mix well, season and serve.


m n RAJU 12 SIMPLIFY Demonstrate Use Gestures Show an Example Check Comprehension

Slide 13: 

m n RAJU 13


m n RAJU 14 CHECK COMPREHENSION _______ an example. _______ instructions step by step. _______ instructions into steps. _______ with actions words. _______ gestures. You must break/Break Begin/You must begin Use/You should use You will give/Give You should show/Show Show


m n RAJU 15 TIPS FOR BETTER INSTRUCTIONS Plan Script Rehearse Give Model



Slide 17: 

m n RAJU 17




m n RAJU 19 DIRECTIONS Tanya: Can you tell me how to get to the nearest post office, please? Raju: To the nearest post office? Yes, you just go down the stairs here, turn right and it's just on your right.


m n RAJU 20 Tanya: Can I ask you how to get to the nearest bus stop, please? Raju: Just go straight to that tall building there, just take a left turn, take a left turn – and that's it, yeah, it's just round the corner. DIRECTIONS


m n RAJU 21 Tanya: I was wondering if I could ask you how to get to the OU Engineering College? Raju: Oh, sure. Turn right at the Ladies Hostel and go straight up. Keep going down the University Road toward Vidyanagar and you won't miss it. It's on the left. DIRECTIONS

Slide 22: 

m n RAJU 22 Did you spot the expression which means ‘it's very easy to see’? ‘You won't miss it’ is a nice way of saying ‘it's very easy to see’. What does the expression ‘keep going’ mean?

Slide 23: 

m n RAJU 23 Which is correct: ‘The building is at your right’ or ‘The building is on your right’? The second is correct. We use the preposition ‘on’. The building is on your right.’

Slide 24: 

m n RAJU 24 Which of these is correct to tell someone to turn left: ‘Take a left' or 'Have a left’? The first one is correct. ‘Take a left’ is fine. ‘Have a left’ doesn't make sense.

Slide 25: 

m n RAJU 25 Which of these means turn right: ‘Go right to the end of the road’ or ‘Go right at the end of the road’? The second one, Go right ‘at’ the end of the road means turn right. ‘Go right up the road’ usually means go all the way up the road.


m n RAJU 26 DIRECTIONS - PRACTICE Tanya: Excuse me. Is there a bank near your college? Raju: Yes. There's a bank on the corner. Tanya: Thank you. Raju: You're welcome.

Slide 27: 

m n RAJU 27 Tanya: Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here? Raju: Yes. There's one near here. Tanya: How do I get there? Raju: At the traffic lights, turn left and go straight on. It's on the left. Tanya: Is it far? Raju: Not really.


m n RAJU 28 KEY VOCABULARY go left turn left it's on the left take a left take the second road on the left

Slide 29: 

m n RAJU 29 KEY VOCABULARY go right turn right it's on the right take a right take the first road on the right

Slide 30: 

m n RAJU 30 go ahead go straight ahead go straight on KEY VOCABULARY

Slide 31: 

m n RAJU 31 KEY VOCABULARY - around the corner - at the end (of) - behind - between - cross the road - go along - in front of

Slide 32: 

m n RAJU 32 KEY VOCABULARY - near next to - on the corner - opposite - turn back - go back - until you come to


m n RAJU 33 SAMPLE QUESTIONS Where is ______? How do I get to ______? Where is the nearest ______? Is there a _______ near here? What's the best way to ______? Is this the right way to the ______? Is it far? How far is it? Can I walk there?


m n RAJU 34 SAMPLE ANSWERS The station is at the end of the street. The theatre is on the left. The super market is next to the bank. The school is opposite the post office. The museum is at the corner. The bus stop is over there. The college is in front of the theatre.


m n RAJU 35 SAMPLE ANSWERS Cross the street. Turn left into MG Road. It's only a five minute walk. Keep going up to the traffic lights. You'd better take the bus. Take bus number three.


m n RAJU 36 SAMPLE ANSWERS I am lost. I am a stranger here. I'm afraid I cannot help you.


m n RAJU 37 EXERCISE If you go up to the fifth floor, you'll find his office ____ your right as you come out of the elevator. on in by on


m n RAJU 38 EXERCISE Go to the end of the road and ____ left by the traffic lights. Bend turn twist turn


m n RAJU 39 EXERCISE _____ a right just after the supermarket. Have Take Give Take


m n RAJU 40 EXERCISE Her house is painted bright pink! You ___________ it. can’t find can’t miss can't lose can’t miss


m n RAJU 41 EXERCISE Go ________ on to the end of the road. straight near towards straight

Slide 42: 

m n RAJU 42

Slide 43: 

m n RAJU 43 How do I get to the City Central? First, go down the Raj Bhavan road until you get to the Rajiv statue. Then, turn left. Then, go down for about half a kilometer. It's on the left side of the street at the Punjagutta cross roads.

Slide 44: 

m n RAJU 44 Take the Tarnaka road for about four kms. At the flyover, look for University Filling Station on your left. Take a right turn under the flyover. Drive till you find a fork. Take the left road that leads you into the University campus. Go straight on until you find Gitanjali School on your left. Look for Hilton Café on your right, before you reach the traffic lights. It’s the adjacent four-storied building ‘Saichandra Apartments’. Look for a hoarding on ‘eye donation’ on the first floor balcony. That’s my house.

Slide 45: 

m n RAJU 45

Slide 46: 

m n RAJU 46 First, go down this street for about a hundred yards. Then, turn left at the traffic signal. After that, go straight until you get to the super market. When you get to the super market, turn left again. Then, go straight for about half a kilometer. The house is on your left, next to the Galaxy Theatre. You can’t miss it.

Slide 47: 

m n RAJU 47 _ _ _ me, how do I _ _ _ to the bank? Go _ _ _ . Turn _ _ _ at the corner. Then take the _ _ _ road on your_ _ _ . _ _ _ to the _ _ _ of the road. _ _ _ left there. It is on your_ _ _ , _ _ _ the castle. _ _ _ you very much. continue, end, excuse, get, left, left, opposite,right, second, straight on, thank, turn

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