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a presentation on swot analysis with examples relevant to language teachers. activities and exercises included.


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SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis mnRAJU What? Why? How?

What is SWOT?:

Strengths Opportunities S trengths W eaknesses O pportunities T hreats Weaknesses Threats What is SWOT? mnRAJU

What is Swot Analysis?:

What is Swot Analysis? mnRAJU

What is a Strength?:

What is a Strength? mnRAJU An internal resource or capability helpful to achieve the desired goals.

What is a weakness?:

What is a weakness? mnRAJU An internal barrier to achieve the desired goals.

What is an Opportunity?:

What is an Opportunity? mnRAJU An external situation t hat could provide a competitive advantage . ( if properly leveraged)

What is a Threat?:

What is a Threat? mnRAJU An external situation which could damage your scope for attaining objectives.

What is SWOT Analysis?:

What is SWOT Analysis? mnRAJU A situation analysis tool for evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses ; and for examining external opportunities and threats .


SWOT mnRAJU S trengths W eaknesses O pportunities T hreats

Exercise - 1:

Exercise - 1 mnRAJU Your home is located within a two-minute walk of the bus station, and is just a ten-minute ride away from your college. Your English speaking skills are very poor and you are ashamed of speaking English. Your college is located next to one of the largest shopping centers in your town. You left university a decade ago and have not acquired any further certifications. Your in-laws are retired government employees and have plenty of money and time. There are many well-qualified, trained and unemployed youth in your town. The government is considering making skills upgradation compulsory for all in-service lecturers. Another local college is expanding its services and is on the lookout for experienced lecturers. Your college is considering opening two new branches in your town within the next one year. There is news that your college is likely to be honored by the Commissioner at the next Republic Day for its consistently good performance at the university examinations. You have been a diabetic for a long time and you are likely to develop diabetic retinopathy unless you undergo frequent eye check-ups. Your college’s offer to host the next inter-collegiate competitions has been approved. Your spouse is very cooperative and appreciates your work demands and time constraints. You have some very bright students in your class and many of them admire you as a committed teacher. You have a good personal library; but it has fewer volumes of books than many of your colleagues have got.

Answer to Exercise - 1:

Strengths Weaknesses 1 10 13 15 14 2 15? 4 11 Opportunities Threats 3 5 10 8 9 12 6 7 Answer to Exercise - 1 mnRAJU

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis mnRAJU What? Why? How?

Why SWOT Analysis?:

Why SWOT Analysis? mnRAJU You were born to win; but to be a winner, you must plan to win , prepare to win , and expect to win . - Zig Ziglar

Why SWOT Analysis?:

Why SWOT Analysis? mnRAJU to capitalize on strengths to overcome weaknesses to exploit opportunities to survive threats to be pro-active to take better decisions

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis mnRAJU What? Why? How?

Strengths Analysis:

Strengths Analysis mnRAJU What are your unique skills/qualifications? What do you do better than anyone else? What unique resources can you access? Why do people praise you? What achievements are you proud of? What values do you believe in?

Activity 1:

Activity 1 mnRAJU Think & list your strengths Form pairs Describe to your partner Share with class

Weaknesses Analysis:

Weaknesses Analysis mnRAJU What skills/knowledge do you lack? What skills could you improve? What do you avoid doing? What do others see as your weaknesses? What resources are you deficient in? What are your negative work habits? What personality traits hold you back?

Activity 2:

Activity 2 mnRAJU Think & list your weaknesses Form pairs Describe to your partner Share with class

A Critical Life Skill:

A Critical Life Skill mnRAJU Successful people get up every time they fall. NO UPs and DOWNs means YOU ARE DEAD .

Beating Weaknesses:

Beating Weaknesses mnRAJU Were successful people always successful in all they did? Did success come to them quick and easy? The road to success is never an easy one. There are several obstacles. Be prepared to fall. Rise every time you fall.

Opportunities Analysis:

Opportunities Analysis mnRAJU What opportunities to learn are open? What situations can you take advantage of? Do you have people to help/advise you? What others’ failures can you exploit? Have you any solutions to others’ complaints? Is there an unfilled need around you?

Activity 3:

Activity 3 mnRAJU Think & list your opportunities Form pairs Describe to your partner Share with class

Opportunities Analysis:

Opportunities Analysis mnRAJU Success consists in being successful, not in having potential for success. Any wide piece of ground is the potential site of a palace, but there’s no palace till it’s built. - Fernando Pessoa (Portuguese poet)

Threats Analysis:

Threats Analysis mnRAJU What obstacles do you currently face? What are your competitors doing? Is the demand for your strengths declining? What trends could harm your interests? What threats arise from your weaknesses?

Activity 4:

Activity 4 mnRAJU Think & list your threats Form pairs Describe to your partner Share with class

Threats Analysis:

Threats Analysis mnRAJU Threats are Opportunities in Disguise. DO N’T QU IT Ships in harbor are safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

SWOT Analysis Tips:

SWOT Analysis Tips mnRAJU Be rigorous & be objective View from all perspectives Be realistic & be specific Use verifiable facts only Prioritize

SWOT Analysis Tips:

SWOT Analysis Tips mnRAJU

PowerPoint Presentation:

mnRAJU SWOT Analysis Template Date Helpful (to achieving the objective) Internal Factors (Attributes of the Individual) Harmful (to achieving the objective) How to capitalize How to overcome External Factors (Attributes of the Environment) How to exploit How to reduce S W O T

Exercise - 2:

Exercise - 2 mnRAJU Go through the sample SWOT chart and make a SWOT chart of your own.

Example Personal SWOT Analysis for Language Teachers:

My Strengths I have a passion for teaching I have good inter-personal skills I have a degree in education I have good critical / analytical skills I have excellent communication skills I have plenty of work experience I am good with public speaking I have good mastery over English I am young and healthy I have a powerful voice My Weaknesses I have little relevant experience I am lazy and suffer from procrastination I lack concentration / attention span I have not much subject knowledge I lack stress management skills I am poor at dealing with conflict I am low in self-esteem as a teacher I have young children to take care of My knowledge of grammar is poor My lexis is limited My Opportunities I have a job offer in a college which suits my temperament better Eventually I could go on and study for my Ph D I have been offered a scholarship for my doctoral work Many new schools and colleges are opening in my locality My college has plans to open a language laboratory My college has instituted an annual gold medal for the best teacher My parents are moving to my neighborhood Our car loan application has been cleared My Threats This place is quite expensive We have no Ph D supervisors in this town I have a heavy workload I need to sign a contract if I take up a new job My family depends on my salary and I cannot take any risks with my career First year admissions into my college have been drastically decreasing I am not on good terms with the college management & principal Two of my younger colleagues have acquired higher academic qualifications The new syllabus has several chapters that I am not comfortable teaching mnRAJU Example Personal SWOT Analysis for Language Teachers

PowerPoint Presentation:

mnRAJU Strengths What do you do well? What unique resources can you posses? What do others see in you as your strengths? Weaknesses What could you do better? What resources do you lack or need more? What do others see as your weaknesses? Opportunities What opportunities are available to you? What trends could you take advantage of? How can you turn your strengths into opportunities? Threats What threats could harm you? What are your competitors/colleagues doing? What threats do your weaknesses expose you to? Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

PowerPoint Presentation:

mnRAJU If you wish to become a butterfly, don’t be content being a caterpillar. Why crawl, when you can fly?

PowerPoint Presentation:


PowerPoint Presentation:

mnRAJU Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

PowerPoint Presentation:

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