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https://linuxdady.com/attach-elastic-ip-address-with-ec2-instance-in-aws/ If you are working on Aws cloud platform then I think you are well known about elastic IP address and it’s importance in our infra. But if you are beginners then you should know defiantly about elastic IP address and it’s use case.


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Attach elastic IP address with EC2 instance in Aws If you are working on Aws cloud platform then I think you are well known about elastic IP address and its importance in our infra. But if you are beginners then you should know defiantly about elastic IP address and it’s use case. In this article we will learn how to allocate and attach elastic IP with our EC2 instance. Elastic IP address Elastic IP address is your statics public IP address means your instance IP remain same in all condition. Let’s try to understand with an example. When you will launch an EC2 instance in your Aws account then Aws will assign you dynamic public IP address means that IP address will change after every reboot. Remember change IP address every time is not good for your application. Because it might be your IP address is internally bind with your application. Finally I want to say default public IP address provided by amazon changed when we stop or star our instance. But when we assign elastic ip address to instance then this IP address will not change. This IP address will become permanent public ip address of our instance. USE CASE OF ELASTIC IP ADDRESS ▪ We can use this elastic IP address with any instance according to our need. ▪ We can internally bind in our application because it’s always permanent. How to allocate Elastic IP addresses Step 1 – Login into your Aws account and go to service and select EC2 then click on it.

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Step 2 – Into EC2 navigation panel choose Elastic IPs option and click Step 3 – Choose Allocate New Address and click

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Step 4 – Select amazon pool for IP address When you will click on allocate new address then will prompt a screen like below. Here choose Amazon pool because we are using amazon IP’S pool . From it’s IP pool Amazon will assign an elastic IP . Now click on allocate it will assign a IP from its pool. Now click on Close the confirmation screen

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How to Attach Elastic IP address on any Instance Elastic IP is allocated successfully in our Aws account from amazon pool now let’s attach this IP address with our required instance. Step 5 – click on Actions tab and choose Associate address Step 6 – Select your instance and it’s private IP Let’s click on Associate address then it will prompt two option one for your instance and another for you network interface. Its depends on your requirement which one you want to choose. In my case I am choosing instance. Because I am attaching this address with instance.

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When you will click on Associate button It will allocate elastic IP to your instance. But remember one thing when you will allocate this elastic IP then your existing instance IP will release. Click Read: – How to create EC2 instance in aws Click Read: – Add new user into EC2 instance with SSH Key access Step 7 – Click on close tab

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We have successfully attached our elastic IP with our instance. Now go to your EC2 dashboard and select your instance. Here you will find elastic IP attached properly. Disassociate and release elastic IP from our aws account I think you know very well amazon is providing only 5 free elastic IP per account. If you will use more than 5 elastic IP then you have to pay for that elastic IP. To avoid bling now we will disassociate and release elastic IP from our Aws account if not need. Step 8 – Let’s Click on Actions tab and choose disassociate address Click on disassociate address if you want to disassociate your IP address

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How to remove Elastic IP address from your account Mind it its very important when you will disassociate elastic IP from your account and not release this IP from your account. Then you will get charge because amazon is saying that if you’re not using elastic IP release it from your account for other users because Public IP address is limited. Now let’s release it. Step 9 – Now Click on Actions tab and choose Release addresses. Confirm that are you sure you want to release this IP addresses. And click on a Release tab.

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Conclusion In this article we have explained Elastic IP address in details and how to allocate associate disassociate and release an Elastic IP from your Aws account. I hope you have better understood Elastic IP concept. If still you have any query kindly write in comment box. I will try my best to resolve them. Interview point of view 1. How many elastic IP is free per amazon account 2. Difference between public IP address and elastic IP address 3. Can we use same elastic IP with another instance 4. Can we use same elastic IP in another region Write your answer in comment box. Please keep answering.

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