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If you are thinking to move towards cloud computing. Then I will suggest you should do it fast. In this article we are going learn our first Aws cloud service that is how to create vpc in Aws account. First you will understand the basic concept of vpc.


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How to create vpc in aws cloud environment https://linuxdady.com/how-to-create-vpc-in-aws/ If you are thinking to move towards cloud computing. Then I will suggest you should do it fast. In this article we are going learn our first Aws cloud service that is how to create vpc in Aws account. First you will understand the basic concept of vpc. VPC is stand for virtual private cloud or you can say VPC is an isolated data center like your local company infrastructure means like your company infra you have your own firewall servers switches router storage etc. similarly vpc have all these component but you have to attached all component according to your requirement. Before learning this service kindly first go through from aws architecture for better understanding. Click Read: – Aws architecture overview for beginners Step to create vpc in aws account and then will lunch an EC2 instance Create vpc in aws account First you have to login into your Aws account. I think you have already created your Aws account. If still not opened follow below link. Click Read: – Create Aws account without credit card When your account become ready then go to services → Select VPC → then click on “Creat e V P C”. Follow diagram.

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If you want to create vpc in aws account then click on create vpc option. Then you have to specify your vpc name and its CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing. In my case I am taking ▪ VPC NAME: – Linux-VPC ▪ CIDR: – Concept of CIDR before create vpc in aws account because i t ’ s mandatory CIDR is you classless inter domain routing. By calculating CIDR value we can estimate how many systems we can put in our VPC environment. We are doing only overview let take example to understand it’s better. I have taken CIDR value 16. Do one thing directly subtract this from 32 because our CIDR value can go up to 32-bit maximum. There is a formula to calculate CIDR. 2 n means n 32 and we have taken CIDR value 16 then 32 – 16 16 2 16 65536 we can put 65536 system maximum in this VPC Let take another example if you will use CIDR value /24 /20 etc. then 2 32-24 2 8 256 maximum system we can put if we will take CIDR 2 32-20 2 12 4096 max system we can put if we will take CIDR

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After filling all box according to your requirement click on create vpc. You will scussfully create vpc in aws account. Create internet gateway IGW for your VPC When your VPC become ready then you have to create internet gateway IGW. By this gateway your traffic will come in and out from vpc.

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Click on Create internet gateway then give your Internet gateway name follow us. Still you have created IGW but by default it is detached to VPC. So first you have to attached with your vpc. Let’s do it.

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Create Public and Private subnet For better architecture create two subnet public and private. In public subnet put your public facing sever like your web server and in private subnet put you non public facing server like Application server database server etc. Click on create subnet new prompt will come in front of you fill details accordingly.

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Similarly you can create more than one subnet if required. Create route table Route table is important component of your vpc because it will decide where you traffic will redirect means your traffic will go into public subnet or private subnet.

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Give name to route table accordingly and then select your vpc where you want to attach this route table. Your route table has been created successfully now we will allow traffic who can reach up to our vpc.

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We have allowed traffic from means we have opened it for everyone. Now everyone can reach up to our server. After that you have to tell in which subnet public is allowed. Because some server is public facing and another is our private server. We cannot allow public to our private server because the can miss use it. Let’s assign subnet. Create Network ACL

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When your route table will route traffic on your subnet then traffic or your request first land on Network ACL. NACL is external security of layer. This will allow who can enter in your subnet. This is also called subnet level security. Remember one thing all traffic is by default allow in NACL. No need to allow anything. But configure according to your requirement. Now give name of your Network ACL accordingly and then attache to your vpc. Create Security group for your server

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SG stand for security group. You can say that this is hardware firewall in the backend side of aws that control incoming and outgoing traffic on your server. So this is also called server level security. Let create security group. Click on create security group and give name of security group accordingly. When your security group become ready remember one thing that all traffic is deny from inbound side and allow from outbound side by default. So you have to allow traffic according to your requirement from inbound. I am allowing all traffic from my case. In your case check from your end.

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Congratulate we have successfully create vpc in aws account. Now our vpc architecture is ready. Lunch EC2 instance in your vpc Now first you have to lunch EC2 instance into your vpc and then try to take access from putty. Access your EC2 instance form putty Now let me access our EC2 instance. In my case I am using windows. So for windows you need. ppk key file and remember one thing more. If you are using Linux machine then use. pem key file that you have download while launching new EC2 instance.

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When you click on Open then it will ask for user name. By default user name is ec2-user

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Conclusion In this article we have explained how to create vpc in aws account. As well discuss architecture of vpc. If you are facing any issue to access your ec2 instance. Kindly check all step one by one. Start from IGW check Route table and NACL then SG. All step should be configured according to article. Still facing any issue let me know in comment box. I will try my best to resolve your query.

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