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Unit Plan: Don Quixote:

Unit Plan: Don Quixote Luis Iniguez Education 304 6/7/17

Content Standards: World Language:

Content Standards: World Language Content: 1.0  Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints, and further their knowledge of other disciplines. 3.1  Students address concrete and factual topics related to the immediate and external environment Communication: 1.2  Interpret written language Culture: 1.0  Students use appropriate responses to rehearsed cultural situations. 1.1  Associate products, practices, and perspectives with the target culture. Structure: 2.0  Students use sentence-level elements (morphology or syntax or both) to understand concrete and factual topics.

Big Ideas & Unit goals:

Big Ideas & Unit goals Literary Devices in Don Quixote Plot analysis of Don Quixote Analyzing meaning and Structure Don Quixote Themes Don Quixote Quotes Don quixote essential questions: 1. What role do dreams and fantasy play in our lives ? 2 . Why do people seek escape? 21 st Century Skills Students will be given the opportunity to surf the web in order to backgrouond information about our reading, Don Quixote. Students will respond to essential questions and share their document through the classroom Gmail account. Students will create a powerpoint presentation and will post it on classroom discussion board in order for all students to see.

Student Learning Objectives:

Student Learning Objectives 1. Students will be able to write the Spanish language properly and effectively in order to develop a analytical essay. 2. Students will be able to read text and comprehend its meaning and structure. 3. Students will participate in group discussions and discuss/analyze text meaning. 4. Students will develop a group presentation in order to provide the audience with input on the given topic.


Assessments: Entry Level: Pre-Assessment: Short Answer Quiz- This quiz will show how much students know about the topic before introducing the unit. Formative: Quick Writes: Reflection Journals, Quizzes, Repeat Pre-Assessment, Esssay Brainstorming, Group work and discussions, Learning logs Summative: In-class analytical essay, Multiple choice test, Group presentation, Unit Portfolio, Free response Test, Oral Examination.

Learning Activities:

Learning Activities 1. Group Presentation & Analytical essay: Students will be arranged in groups. As a group they will read “Don Quixote” and will prepare a Oral presentation that they will present to the class at the end of the unit. Each student will be giving a specific theme and must developed 2-3 slides with information on their theme. The analytical essay will be divide into parts. Each student will be responsible for writing one section of the essay. Once every student has complete their section, then they will work as a group to formulate a final draft of the entire essay. 2. Group Debate: Groups will debate on a topic from the Don Quixote text. The topic will be given to each group at the beginning of the week and they will have a week to develop and prepare their debate. After a week, each group must have finished developing their viewpoints and be ready to debate. Groups will be allowed to use online resources to gather information about their topic. Students will be encoutraged to use their critical thinking skills while practicng their communication and verbal skills. Students

Why I chose this topic: Don Quixote:

Why I chose this topic: Don Q uixote Don Quixotes is one of the most influential books of all time in Literature. I decided to pick this text as the focus to my Unit Plan because Don Quixote was the reason why I decided to pursue a degree in Literature. This text symbolizes greatness in Literature and will be forever cherished by all. This text was so influential back in the 1600’s and impacted society in many ways. Don Quixote caused a series of changes in how people began to understand the world around them. In Spanish history, Don Quixote is known as one of the greatest artistic expressions. So, its clear that this text has

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