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Some spelling rules in English Grammar Instructor: Linh Tran

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i before e , except after c . . . ach ie ve, bel ie ve, b ie r, br ie f, hyg ie ne, gr ie f, th ie f, fr ie nd, gr ie ve, ch ie f , f ie nd, pat ie nce, p ie rce, pr ie st c ei ling, con c ei ve, de c ei ve, per c ei ve, re c ei pt, re c ei ve, de c ei t, con c ei t . . . and in words that rhyme with hay. . . n ei ghbor, fr ei ght, b ei ge, sl ei gh, w ei ght, v ei n, and w ei gh . . . and some other exceptions. . . . ei ther, n ei ther, f ei nt, for ei gn, forf ei t, h ei ght, l ei sure, w ei rd, s ei ze Some spelling rules

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ie / ei spelling rules Source: Youtube.com Watch the video below and discuss with your friends the rules of spelling ie / ei

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A final y changes to i when an ending is added . supply becomes suppl ies worry becomes worr ied merry becomes merr ier . . . except when that ending is - ing . . . cr ying , stud ying . . . And when the y is preceded by a vowel. . . . ob eyed , s aying Some spelling rules

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A silent e is dropped when adding an ending that begins with a vowel . . . advance + - ing = advancing surprise + - ing = surprising . . . but kept when the ending begins with a consonant . . . advance ment , like ness . . . unless the e is preceded by a vowel. . . . argue + - ment = argument true + - ly = truly Some spelling rules

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Adding a prefix seldom changes the spelling of a word. mis spelled un necessary dis satisfied dis interested mis inform Some spelling rules

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We form plurals in English by adding -s or - es . shoe s porch es box es bush es blitz es For words ending in a consonant plus -y , change the -y to -i and add - es . For proper nouns, keep the -y . toy s compani es Kennedy s Some spelling rules

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