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Are you looking for some funny online action or sport games? There are series of an awesome runner-type action game including Run 1, Run 2, and Run 3 to bring you the most enjoyable experiences in adventures. The players control a little gray alien guy and run through physical blocks. Imagine that you are a fast-paced racer who is exploring an endless race. While the character is running, you can jump, climb roll or leap not to hit the obstacles. The game is very easy to play but easy to die as well. Try to collect all rewards along the way such as coins or gold. You can use them to upgrade or buy power-ups. Remember that you cannot stop running because the way is moving ahead with a lot of challenges. How far can your run?


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If you are looking for fun and adventurous way to improve your concentration and attention then run game is here for you. This game offers you a fantastic way to run as you carefully avoid obstacles and holes that are on your way. The game is all about controlling a little alien man running or scatting through walls and space full of dangerous obstacles. The speed improves automatically as you advance with new space and more dangerous obstacles. You have to keep your eyes glued to the screen since you cant tell when the next obstacle will appear or when to make a sudden turn. However its not just running and jumping you have to be on the look out for rewards as well. Collect as many gold coins as possible and become more powerful. It sounds easy right Somehow but the game is so challenging as well. It becomes easier when you play continuously and memorize all the obstacles on your way. You jump using the space bar and move forward using the left and the right keys. Thats how easy it is to control the game though your fingers must be swift. The aim of the game is to try and run as far as you can. Every obstacles is different there are small obstacles where you dont use a lot of strength to jump them but you also come across huge obstacles where you have to jump too high to avoid hitting them. All these depend on how fast you can memorize the game and acquire unique skills of passing the obstacles. It can be so challenging for beginners but the fun comes in the more you master it.

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RUN 1 Version 1 of the run game offers two modes the infinite and the adventure. Whats more amazing is the rewards you collect on your way. They can help you get power up and earn you more scores. The screen colors come in three attractive colors candy lime green and black. Your aim is to run non-stop and try and avoid all the holes and obstacles on the way to complete all the levels. You can set the game to normal or fast depending on your experience.

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RUN 2 The second version of the game is sure to offer you more fun. With high concentration you can avoid the holes and obstacles and run as far as you can. The rules are simple and the same as the ones in run 1 use the right and left arrow keys to move forward and space bar to jump. If you are not keen you can scratch the walls hence reducing your speed. Falling into holes or hitting obstacles kills you and you have to restart the level. The game space in run 2 is a little different adding more fun if you are already bored with version 1.

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RUN 3 Run 3 is probablythe best version of the run game. If you have been enjoying the run game then run 3 ensures more fun and adventure. The most awaited version comes with a lot of dangers and obstacles. The edge is very thin and you have to know how to squeeze your self to avoid falling off edge. If you arenot careful you fall into the dangerous holes and you are lost into space. Your speed and concentration matters a lot if you want to run far. A little distraction and off you fall. The more you advance you discover new areas that are more dangerous and making the game even worth your time. If you successfully pass through the obstacles advanced to new levels and collect more coins you unlock unique and experienced aliens that are able to jump higher and run even faster.

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References: Play it here: Run game can be played across all ages and the more you play the more you memorize it and the more it becomes easy and fun. The whole concept of the game is to run and continue running but also avoid the dangers since you dont want to die. Its a matter of choice and preference you can choose to play either run 1 run 2 or run 3. They all guarantee more fun with the same rules but little changes here and there. So if you enjoy playing online games dont ignore this amazing game as it guarantees fun and adventure.

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