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Lingo Jingo is an online platform that is free of cost and is based on a common core which makes it easy for the teachers as well as the students.


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Helping ELL Students Perform Better In School

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• ELL Students in the USA speak more than 150 languages • Spanish is the most common home or the first language • IN 28 states more than two-thirds of ELL students speak the same home language: Spanish. • Spanish is spoken by 71 percent of ELL students • Nation wide the ELL enrollment is 10.7 percent of the total student enrolled Current Situation Information from

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Language Educator To ELL Student Ratio • 2.5 percent of teachers with ELL students have a degree in ESL or bilingual education • Only 30 percent of teachers with ELL students in their classes have received any training in teaching English-language learners. These numbers are indeed alarming Information from language-learners-what-does-research-say

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How Lingo Jingo Can Help • Lingo is an online learning tool to assist teachers • With lessons designed for ELL students based on common core makes revision easy • Teachers can assign lessons and keep an eye on progress • Lesson are a mix of audio video and images which makes Lingo Jingo a fun and effective learning experience

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Advantages Of Learning With Lingo Jingo • Lingo Jingo is Free • It is based on Common Core • Lessons based on a large variety of topics • Students can take lessons online at their convenience • Teachers can track progress • Teachers also have the freedom to create lessons of their own

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Start Helping Your ELL Students With Lingo Jingo

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