Lingo Jingo and ELL Education

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For all the language educators, get connected with one of the best online teaching platform providing content management system – Lingo Jingo by customizing your individual instructional objectives or teaching technique to have a flawless modern education system. Sign up now at Lingo Jingo!


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Lingo Jingo and its impact on ELL Education :

Lingo Jingo and its impact on ELL Education By Douglas Chrystall

Lingo Jingo:

Lingo Jingo The Lingo Jingo is an online teaching system designed specifically for language educators.  The platform provides a simple content management system that is fully customizable to individual educators' instructional objectives .

Accomplishments :

Accomplishments Lingo Jingo is recognized by the Institute of Education Sciences and the Department of Education as a 'classroom ready' technology And is dedicated to empowering educators and inspiring students in the area of language acquisition.

English-language learners or ELLs in the USA:

English-language learners or ELLs in the USA These are   students  who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English, who often come from non-English-speaking homes and backgrounds, and who typically require specialized or modified instruction in both the English language and in their academic courses . -

ELL Students in the USA:

ELL Students in the USA ELLs are the fastest growing segments in the public school population In 2015 their enrollment will reach 10 million Most of the ELLs are born in the USA 76% of elementary ELL students are native born 56% of secondary ELL students are native born ELL students often have lower academic performance

Lingo Jingo can boost achievement of ELLs :

Lingo Jingo can boost achievement of ELLs Lingo Jingo contains: A large collection of lessons Lessons are based on different difficulty levels A mix of text, audio and video to impart lessons Lessons based on a large variety of topics from course oriented to culture Teachers can use Lingo Jingo to: Assign lessons to students Keep track of progress Teachers can create courses too Use the lessons to reinforce what is covered in the classroom

Lingo Jingo a must for your school :

Lingo Jingo a must for your school Student retention : understand exactly how ELL students are progressing and performing through visual reporting, and keep them engaged while enrolled. Extended education : maintain the connection with your ELL students even when they are not currently enrolled in course, or while on break between terms. Customizable resources : no more photocopying! Your instructors can quickly and easily create lessons that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

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