Allow Your Body to Breathe While You Sleep

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Allow Your Body to Breathe While You Sleep Sleeping comfort is core to our company ethos at Linen Drawer. We feel very strongly about this. The products we manufacture and sell at Linen Drawer are designed to ensure that health and comfort are achieved and respected. Sleeping comfortably should be the right of every person yet this is not always the case. The reason for this is quite simply that not everyone is aware of the requirements for a comfortable night’s rest. The first one is that your room needs to be well ventilated and dark. Secondly your choice of bed clothing pyjamas needs to be of natural fibres – 100 cotton 100 linen or 100 silk. These fabrics will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The reason why natural fibres are excellent to sleep in is because the natural fibres “breathe” allowing your body’s temperature to be maintained at a constant comfortable level. The third and most important requirement for a comfortable night’s rest is that your bedding – the sheets pillow cases duvet covers and blankets – are made from natural fibres. This could be 100 cotton 100 linen or 100 silk. All these are natural fibres and these fabrics all “breathe” allowing a regulation of the body temperature and ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The use of synthetic fabric for bed linen is widespread. Synthetic fibres are derived from oil/ plastic bases and naturally do not absorb moisture. Fabric made from these fibres is non-breathable and uncomfortable to wear or to sleep under.

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At Linen Drawer we only use 100 natural fabrics to manufacture our bed linen. Check whether the components of your made up bed are all natural fabrics. At Linen Drawer you can fit your bed out in natural fibre products: Mattress Protectors – ours are made of pure cotton knitted fabric laminated to a waterproof base – breathable and comfortable. Pure Cotton or Linen Bedding - fitted sheets flat sheets duvet covers and pillowcases. We make 200 300 400 and 600 thread count products as well as in pure linen. The 200 and 300 thread count products will feel cool crisp and lighter in weight during the summer months. 400 and 600 Thread count products will feel smooth silky and soft because we use a fabric that has a sateen weave construction. Our 400 thread count fabric is Egyptian cotton and is very luxurious as well as being cool and soft. Pure linen is even more breathable than cotton as it absorbs more moisture thus keeping you cooler in summer. Duvet inners should also be made from natural products. Down and feathers are natural and therefore suitable for a comfortable night’s rest. Our Climabalance duvet inners have “climate zones” set into the duvet to regulate temperature ensuring that they are perfect for warmer weather and right into autumn and winter. We also have combinations of down and feathers ensuring that the weight and warmth of your duvet is perfect for you requirements. Blankets should be cotton mohair or wool. All these are natural fibres and we stock a range that is suitable for all requirements and decor schemes. At Linen Drawer we take your comfort very seriously. Our products are engineered to ensure that your health and comfort are catered to. Please contact us should you have queries or special requirements that you would like to be considered. For more details visit: CONTACT US 24A Fabriek Street Paarl 7646 South Africa Email: Telephone: 021 8720108 Faxmail: 021 8722389

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