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The Art of tap dancing:

By: Lindsey Crawford The Art of tap dancing

Tap Dancing :

Tap is a musical type of dance that focuses on the uses one feet. Metal plates are placed on the heel and ball of the tap shoes to help the musician or tap dancer make sounds. It is a tremendous art form that is highly overlooked and underestimated compared to other dance styles. However, tap dancing has an interesting history, many famous tap dancers who made an impact on tap styles, and a multitude of tap dancing styles that helped to make tap what it is today. Tap Dancing

Tap dancing history:

Tap dancing history

Tap dancing history around the world :

Tap dancing is a universal art form spreading from the East to the West. There are different categories of tap dance performed in different countries such as clog dancing which took place in England or Jig tap dancing that took place in Ireland. A possible way that the dance form traveled around the world is by immigration and colonization. Tap dancing history around the world

Origin of Tap dancing in the united states :

American Tap is said to developed from African dancing, Irish Jig, and England Clogging also known as Lancashire Clogging Africa colonized and Africans brought to America Irish and Englishmen migration to America American tap blossomed during the Minstrelsy era in which song and dance (tap dancing) was the main source of entertainment Have similar origins but are significantly different because of the difference in cultures Origin of Tap dancing in the united states

Origin of tap in the United sates :

More rural style B arefoot or soft cloth soles Dancing seen as more seductive Focused more on their bodies and the music than their feet Jazz era born from African tap Gave birth to the days of Minstrelsy More classical style Some exchanged clogs for specialized leather shoes with metal to make noise Concentrated on footwork rather than body movements Classical tap and early stages of Broadway tap African Style European American Style Origin of tap in the United sates

Famous tap Dancers:

Famous tap Dancers From the Past to the Present

Famous tap dancers from the past to the present :

There have been a tremendous amount of famous tap dancers throughout the centuries. However, a few names stand out from the rest. From the many different styles of tap, many talented individuals found their muse. From some of the earlier tap dancers such as Billy Bojangles Robinson and Fred Astaire, to some of the more resent tap dancers such as Gregory Hines and Savion Glover, each performer made tap dancing into a style of their own. Famous tap dancers from the past to the present

Bill “Bojangles” robinson:

May 25, 1878-November 25, 1949 Bill “ Bojangles ” robinson

Bill robinson’s history :

Originally named Luther Robinson born in Richmond, Virginia His parents died and he was raised by his grandma who was a slave Nickname “ Bojangles ” come from the word jangler which means contentious Evented the phrase “Everything’s copasetic” Bill robinson’s history

Billy robinson’s legacy:

He got his first professional job in 1892, performing as a member of the P ickaninny Chorus First African American to star in Broadway O ne of the few African-Americans to headline at New York's prestigious Palace Theatre. A founding member of the Negro Actors Guild of America Acted in many Hollywood movies such as Hooray For Love (1935), The Little Colonel (1935 ), and Lets Shuffle (1941) Harlem is Heaven (1933) was the first all-black film ever made. Billy robinson’s legacy

“Little Colonel” billy bojangels stair dance with Shirley temple :

“Little Colonel” billy bojangels stair dance with Shirley temple

Fred astaire :

May 10, 1899-June 22, 1987 Fred astaire

Fred Astaire’s history:

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Fred Astaire began performing as a child with his sister Adele. Made it on Broadway in 1917 as a brother sister duo however, his sister retired after marriage Had a hard time jump starting his career as a solo artist Fred Astaire’s history

Fred Astaire’s legacy :

Went to Hollywood and was in many movies after signing with RKO Radio Pictures Danced with many great dancers in movies such as Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth Was nominated for an Academy Award, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute and won an Emmy Award for A Family Upside Down Fred Astaire’s legacy

Fred astaire and ginger rogers in “swing time”:

Fred astaire and ginger rogers in “swing time”

Savion Glover :

Born: November 19, 1973 Savion Glover

Savion Glover history :

Born in Newark, New Jersey Started Tapping at the age of 7 First performance was in the play “The Tap Dance Kid” on Broadway at the age of ten Was on Sesame Street between 1990-1995 Savion Glover history

Savion glover’s legacy :

Was nominated for a Tony award at the age of fifteen Choreographed and stared in the Broadway musical “Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk” Won a Tony for the choreography of Broadway show “Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk” Received a National Endowment for the Arts grant at the age of 19 Choreographed all of the tap moves for the motion picture Happy Feet Savion glover’s legacy

Savion glover performing live :

Savion glover performing live

A few different styles of Tap dancing:

A few different styles of Tap dancing From the Past to the Present

Different styles of tap :

In addition to the many different tap performers, there are also a various amount of styles of tap. The two main categories are Jazz and Broadway tap. Depending on the cultural background, tap has developed into styles such as ‘Juba’, ‘The Jig or clogging’, ‘Classical’, ‘Jazz Age’, ‘The Soft Shoe or Sand Dance’, and ‘Modern’. Furthermore, as new styles of dance were created some characteristics of older styles of tap were used. Different styles of tap

The Juba dance:

The ‘Juba Dance’ style was said to originate from a man named William Henry Lane (nicknamed Master Juba) who was alive in the early 1800’s Early form of jazz age tap Mix between European Jig and African styles of tap The Juba dance

The Jig or clog:

The Jig is a type of tap dancing where footwork is emphasized but the upper torso and arms stay rigid Jig danced by the Irish Clog similar to jig in that the upper body stays stiff while lower body moves extremely fast Clog danced by the English: Wear wooden shoes The Jig or clog

Classical tap:

Mixture of tap with ballet and jazz Fluid and proper motions Origins of style lie in America Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is one of the popular performers of this style Classical tap

Soft shoe :

Form of tap without metal taps attached Eccentric style of tap Also known as the ‘sand dance’ because of its smooth and leisure movement Soft shoe


Usually performed by ‘hoofers’ or one who dances closer to the ground Upper body lax while lower body taps the rhythm Savion Glover one of the most popular performers of this style RHYTHM tap

Lindsey Crawford’s Inspiration :

Lindsey Crawford’s Inspiration

Lindsey Crawford’s Performance :

Lindsey Crawford’s Performance

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