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This is the first of my 2-part series in Being Decisive. To order the second segment, go to


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Tap Into Decisiveness withLindsay Kenny, EFT Master, Pro EFT Founder, Certified AAMET Trainer ©

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© Dealing with Indecisiveness: Decisions and Dilemmas

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Start with simple “Relief Tapping” How angry or frustrated are you for being indecisive? From 10-0 Set-up statements, on karate chop point: (ET = Even though) ET I’m frustrated and mad at myself for not being able to make decisions, I want to accept myself ET I beat myself up for being indecisive, I know that only makes things worse and want to lay off ET though I’m angry at not being able to figure this out, I want to love and respect who I am Do set-up statements that allow venting about your anger or frustration for being indecisive

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First round reminder statements (see tapping points chart) State your feelings about being indecisive: This frustration and anger at myself Why can’t I just make a decision? Feeling frustrated about my indecision Beating myself up Mad at myself for not deciding This anger at myself This frustration and shame Feeling like a jerk Frustration and shame about this This anger and resentment toward myself State what’s true for you

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Second round reminder statements; Begin to let go of your anger or frustration: Remaining frustration and anger at myself I want to release it Remaining disappointment in myself I want to let it go so I can think clearly This anger I allow myself to neutralize it Feeling like a jerk and beating myself up I want to respect myself instead This anger and resentment toward myself I want to let it go so I can move forward Pause this video and tap away any remaining anger or frustration

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Should we take a fun but expensive vacation, or a road trip near-home? Should I move to Arizona for awhile to take care of my aging parents or stay with my family here? Should I stay in the stock market or put it in savings? Should I do a short sell on my house now or ride out the real estate slump? Shall I tell my buddy that I saw his girlfriend with another man …or mind my own business? Should I go to my nephew’s wedding, knowing my ex will be there with the “other man”? Decisions: Either or Choices ©

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Risking everything financially for a potentially incredible investment (that could set the family up for life) Accepting an exciting job offer to work abroad for 2 years…leaving a good job, family and friends behind Getting chemo & radiation or trying alternative routes Staying in a loveless marriage, for the sake of the kids… or leaving them for your one true love Keeping the baby…giving it up for adoption…or ending the pregnancy Settling this law suit out of court or taking a chance by going to trial Fighting for sole custody or compromising with joint custody Dilemmas: Life-altering events

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Being Stuck – Feeling Trapped “I’ll let the chips fall where they may” “Let’s just wait and see” “Time will tell” “Maybe I’ll get lucky” “As fate would have it.” It often feels safer not to make a decision, than to make the wrong one. ©

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Causes for Indecision Fear of consequences: making a the wrong choice, loss of; love, money, credibility, reputation, self-respect or health Fear of: Guilt, shame, remorse rejection, criticism, etc. Regret / devastation / embarrassment, over past mistakes or bad choices Feeling wounded, gun-shy, overly cautious, don’t trust yourself for fear of making another bad choice or decision ©

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This is the end of Segment 1 Watch Segment 2 for tapping elements: Tapping away causes of indecision using “Bundling Baggage”, Reversals, the Golden Gate Technique and more

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