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Tap Away Pain and IllnessPart 1-a withLindsay Kenny, EFT Founding Master © Copyright 2010 by Lindsay Kenny, Messages from your body Tapping on the symptoms Reversal Neutralization The Golden Gate Technique

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The techniques or methods in this videoare intended to help you discover potential causes and tapping solutions for your ailments These tapping techniques and tips are not intended to replace conventional medical procedures. Please consult your health-care practitioner about your health issues. Feel free to direct him/her to our website at for more information about EFT. Please Do Not stop taking prescription medications without your doctor’s express consent and guidance. Legal Stuff © Copyright 2010 by Lindsay Kenny,

Deal with the symptom and the cause : 

Deal with the symptom and the cause Two Types of Pain, Illness or Ailment: Current (recent) Chronic (old & ongoing)

Pain is a message from your body; : 

Pain is a message from your body; Hey, there’s energy stuck in here! Hello? I have some meridians out of balance. Can you help me out? Looks like there’s some unresolved emotions too. Please do something about that. Please listen to my messages, (symptoms) instead of trying to silence me with medications. Please fix me! Be grateful that I’m giving you a sign “There’s something wrong. Help me!” “…I’m trying to tell you something…please slow down and listen”

First, tap on the physical symptomIt may simply be a meridian problem : 

First, tap on the physical symptomIt may simply be a meridian problem Use specific location; bottom of left heel, right, lower-back, base of neck Use the description in the set- up statement and reminder phrases Combine the symptom and the emotion: This anger in my throat… the fear in my stomach… the stress & anxiety in my shoulders… this aching hole in my heart… If tapping on the symptom doesn’t work, switch gears; Find the cause! See Golden Gate Technique tapping template at the end

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Set-up statement: “Even though I have this upset stomach and nausea, I completely accept myself” 1st round: Use reminder phrases “my upset stomach” 2nd round: Vent your feelings “I feel awful”… “I’m so nauseous”… “this is not a good time to be sick” Reassess intensity: (10-0) Repeat 1 -3 if no change When at an 8 or below, repeat Step 1 – 3; but add desire statement to 2nd round to “I want to get over this” Repeat 4 and 5 until intensity is 3 or less When a 3 or below use Choices…“Even though I’m still a little nauseous, I choose release it now.” 8. Tap until the sickness is gone. If tapping on the symptom doesn’t work you need to get to the core issue Golden Gate Techniquetemplate for pain and illness

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1- When intensity between 10-8, use negative phrasing 1 2 3 2- When the intensity isbetween 8-3, changeto desire statement 3- When intensity is 3 or less change to choice statements “I want to let this go…” “I choose to let this go…” “This anger at …” Transitioning from negative      to positive GGT- 3 Sections

Uncover fears or resistance about becoming well : 

Uncover fears or resistance about becoming well Resisting going back to work Fear of life-altering changes from letting go of health issues Fear of the unknown, of losing identity or self Fear losing a good excuse Fear of losing special attentionor sympathy Belief or fear “this” won’t work

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Do a Reversal Neutralization! I want to love and respect myself (or body,) even though there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be well (or get over this _______.) I want to accept my body, even though there may be hidden reasons why I don’t want to heal. I want to love myself, even though, for whatever reason, conscious or not, there’s a part of me that’s reluctant to get over this problem Even though I don’t understand it, I want to forgive the part of me that doesn’t want to be well. For more information on Reversals, please watch the video on this page:

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Continue or repeat these steps until you get results Be persistent. Sometimes getting well via tapping just takes more time or focus than expected In part 1b you’ll learn ways to find and neutralize the cause of the problem, pain or illness Learn and use the Reversal Neutralization process. Watch this additional video at If you are still not getting results, consult a qualified, EFT practitioner. For certified practitioners visit or other practitioners at If you are seeing a doctor or other health-care professional, please continue to do so. Do not stop taking your meds. Disclaimer: While EFT and Pro EFT have never been known to harm anyone, you must use it in a conscientious way, being responsible for your own health. Other tips

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For more information about tapping, our workshops or Lindsay, please visit our website at Follow us on Twitter at Watch more of our videos at Be sure to watch Parts 1b and 2 of this series “Asking the Body” to Heal

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