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Recognizing and neutralizing Reversals, the biggest impediment to EFT


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Recognizing and Neutralizing ReversalsPro EFT / Pro-ERProgressive, Proficient, Professional Tapping By Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master

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The biggest impediment to effective tapping Reversals

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Reversals Recognizing the two types of

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Reversals 1) General Polarity Reversal = GPR Common Causes of GPR Chronic Pain Drugs or alcohol Electrical fields Toxins Dehydration Travel or time zone change Energy is scrambled or going in wrong direction

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Your intensity level isn’t going down Your feel “off” – you don’t feel like yourself You’re bumping into door jams, dropping things You notice your own negative thinking You’ve been drinking or taken meds or drugs If you’ve been around a lot of electrical fields If you have jet lag If you’re sleep deprived How do you know if you likely have a GPR Reversal?

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Reversals To Neutralize GRP for most causes 1) Tap on the KC point for 20 seconds 2) Rectify the cause (i.e. drink water or remove the toxin or source of irritation)

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2) Secondary Benefit Syndrome (SBS) Reversals Subconscious Resistance to Change

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The Mind The Subconscious Rules 5% conscious 95% subconscious

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The subconscious has two jobs: Unburden your conscious mind from redundant tasks; walking, driving, eating, showering, chopping onions etc. Protect you; keep you safe from danger, rejection, failure, criticism, embarrassment, etc.

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“Wait a minute! I don’t really want to release weight!” What if I reach my weight goal and…. I won’t feel safe anymore? I still don’t get that job I want? My chubby friends make fun of me? I’m still not in a relationship? I’m still not attractive? Guys (or girls) come on to me? My clothes won’t fit anymore I gain it all back again? People make fun of me, or notice me? I won’t have an excuse anymore!!!

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Your intensity level is not going down It’s an old or chronic issue It’s a highly charged issue There’s something you want but aren’t getting Something you don’t want but can’t get rid of Behavior or habit you want to stop, but can’t Anytime you feel stuck With ALL fears and phobias With all limiting beliefs With all complex issues With ALL WEIGHT ISSUES How do you know if you have an SBS Reversal?

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To Neutralize an SBS Reversal Tap on the KC Point while saying: Reversals “Even though I don’t want to let go of this (issue,) I love and accept myself anyway.” SBS 3 times

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It’s not safe to lose this weight My friends will feel threatened if I lose weight It’s not acceptable to get over this grief It’s how I punish myself I want to punish him with this anger Who would I be without this issue? What if I get unwanted attention I won’t have an excuse anymore This fear keeps me safe! It keeps me from trying and failing “Even though…I don’t want to let go of this _____ (issue …)

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Neutralizing a Reversal does not fix the problem Important to Remember: It fixes the impediment to fixing the problem After neutralizing a Reversal youstill need to tap on the ISSUE

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Reversals Assume there is an SBS Reversal with all charged or old issues Reversals should be the first thingyou do before you start regular tapping!

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