Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants

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Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants : 

Rachel Wildfeuer Linda Yuan Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants

Introduction/Background : 

Introduction/Background Adderall & Ritalin Effects of the drugs Increasing diagnoses of ADHD and increased prescriptions of stimulants Increasing illegal usage amongst adolescents and college students

Primary Research Questions : 

Primary Research Questions Who is most likely to use Adderall & Ritalin for nonmedical purposes? What are their motivations for illicit use?

Findings : 

Findings Abuse more prevalent amongst: College-age students in college Increased if at a competitive college Males Whites Members of fraternities and sororities Students from families with higher incomes

Findings : 

Findings Motivations for use: Increased concentration and focus Increased productivity Peer pressure Competitive edge Readily available Solution to procrastination Perceived lack of danger “academic steroid”

Connections : 

Connections Pressures of Education System Increased focus on standardized testing More people attending colleges & universities…more competition More activities to “stand out”

Connections : 

Connections Concerted Cultivation Organization Kid

Limitations of Research : 

Limitations of Research Multiple generic forms of Adderall & Ritalin Under-reported Illegal drug use No consistent rates of use Possibility of inflation by one-time users Variability of question wording

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