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Normandy: 70th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion:

Normandy: 70 th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion June 5 -7, 2014 From Caen to Portsmouth

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Pegasus Bridge Le Boreal The beautiful Le Boreal!!! Le Lounge

Operation Overlord:

Operation Overlord Winston Church envisioned the invasion two years before it was conducted. It required building an artificial harbor which was a feat unimaginable at the time. “Never, never, never give up” was his mantra. The operation depended on high tide, full moon and good weather, which is why June 6 th was chosen. The weather did not co-operate, but D-Day was on.

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Omaha Beach

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Pointe du Hoc

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Bluffs above Pointe du Hoc

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Pointe du Hoc Impenetrable German bunker

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