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this ppt shows the comparison between alligator and lion when a fight occurs between them. Check out more on


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Alligator vs. African Lion : Alligator vs. African Lion

Alligator features:

Alligator features Belong to Alligatoridae family, close relative of crocodile One of the toughest reptiles Height varies b/w 1.5m-4.6m and weight b/w 36-230kg Speed is 32.18 km/hr in water and 17.7 km/hr on land Consume any small applealing animal

Lion Features:

Lion Features Referred as Kings of the jungle Belongs to the felidae family of cats Social animals, live in groups Males are1.2m long, weigh about 190kg Females are1.1m long, weigh about 130kg Amazing speed of 80km/hr

Eating Habits:

Eating Habits Alligators hunts for fish, small reptiles, birds and mollusks. Alligators have less speed as compared to the lions Lions, on other hand, are a powerhouse Lions hunt larger preys like buffaloes, zebras and elephants by using their speed and strength

Fight Comparison:

Fight Comparison Alligators are skilled hunters, their main defense line is their mouth but they have less speed than the lions, So, with greater speed, lion can easily save itself from alligators bite and attack alligators kneck to prove his supremacy  Lion clearly has a win-win situation

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