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Designs for contemporary dance by Douglas Jeal, 2006-2010


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Douglas Jeal Sculptures:

Douglas Jeal Sculptures Ideas for Contemporary Dance

Slide 2:

Drawings for dance project Date: 2009

Slide 3:

Title: Mask Cardboard and photocopy painted Size: H 40cm x W 27cm x D 27cm Date: 2006

Slide 4:

Title: Figure, Idea for costume for ballet Cardboard and photocopy painted Size: H 168cm x W 42cm x D 52cm Date: 2009

Slide 5:

Front view

Slide 6:

Side view

Slide 7:

Part back view

Slide 8:

Close up of head

Slide 9:

Back view

Slide 10:

Stocking view

Slide 11:

Title: Maquette for Ballet Set Perspex Size: H 12cm x L 62cm x D 62cm Date 2010

Slide 12:

Close up of maquette

Slide 13:

Individual piece of maquette

Slide 14:

Aerial view of maquette

Slide 15:

Individual aerial view of maquette

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