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Bike Insurance:

Bike Insurance

Bike Insurance:

Bike Insurance Your vehicle is one of the most important assets to you . At the time of loss or damage, will cause great financial loss . Bike insurance / Car insurance helps you recover from this financial loss.

Why get Bike Insurance:

Why get Bike Insurance 23% of road accidents are caused by bikes. Major reasons that cause bike accidents are Poor weather conditions Roadway defects Car and truck drivers ignorance Road rage Ignoring traffic signs Government of India has made Insurance of every two wheeler vehicle compulsory. If caught without it will result in fine up to Rs . 5000/-

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Robbery is most common act in big cities. Most of these activities are carried out at night time when there is no one around.

How Bike Insurance Work:

How Bike Insurance Work

What is Covered:

What is Covered Bike insurance covers various factors related which may damage your bike such as. Loss or damage of bike due to man made calamities Natural Calamities Personal accident coverage Provide cashless claims in garages Towing facility in case of breakdown / accident

What is Not Covered:

What is Not Covered Normal wear and tear General ageing of bike Mechanical breakdown Electrical breakdown Depreciation or any consequential loss

Tips to Prevent Accidents:

Tips to Prevent Accidents Wear proper gear Check before you ride Never ride next to truck Never drink and drive

Top Bike Insurance Providers:

Top Bike Insurance Providers

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