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Intellectual Property Registration In Australia For Trademarks: A Guide

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● Applicants can include: o individuals o companies o incorporated associations o Any of these combined It is important to note here that no refund is provided for rejected applications for Intellectual Property in Australia registration as seen at http://www.shelstonip.com/ Applying for trademark registration

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● Trademark protection is under business name or traded name ● Applicant must be the owners of the business registration ● Corporations Application to be made in the name of the corporation - not any individuals ● Trusts Apply in the name of trustees ● Associations Collective trademark can be filed even if they are not formally incorporated. Rules: businesses trusts associations

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Usage Rules ● You can only use a trademark with regard to a specific goods and services category ● A trademark for a to-be formed corporate entity will still oblige you to use it only for that entity

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Option 1: TM Headstart ● Assessment of application by intellectual property rights Australia authorities ● Quickly navigate trademark protection issues Option 2: A standard trademark ● Examined by Australian IP authorities ● Takes 13 weeks for application examination. Options for filing application

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