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iPhone applications are great in demand these days and everybody is looking for some unique and intelligent ways to design some amazing and user-friendly iPhone apps. It is important to design apps that serve some purpose to the users and should be useful. Here are some ideas that serve both the purpose for an iOS application. Have a look.


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iPhone Apps are in trend these days. We have 15 amazing iPhone app ideas to discuss here. Let us have a look.


Social Page Analysis This app will keep tracks of all the activities on social media pages of your business It provides increased number of likes, follows with increased period of time


Real Like or Dislike This app will allow you to like or dislike things on any website you want It stores all your activities within your profile This will allow users to share their likes and dislikes including their ideas


Not Recommended This application will give you information about the things which are not recommended for you All the things that are not good will be categorized according to their location This way people will receive suggestions about what they are not supposed to do


Meal Buddy This application will allow user to fill in their preferences like place, time, food, and meal buddy for their specific meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. These applications take these inputs as per their algorithms and find matches for their users This way people will receive suggestions on what they need to do and what not to do


Scan and Save This application will scan the images for any text or numbers imprinted on the image It will save the files automatically and will separate the text files


Anytime Consultation This is especially for industry experts to get advice on any topic for free This application connects them and will allocate these experts to their specific categories . Past consultations remains stored so that you could see whenever you feel like


Smart Calendar This application will integrate with your calendar, email or any other planner that you use This will analyze your information in these places according to the customized settings Depending upon the data collected, it will provide suggestions for your meetings, and the ideal time to perform any activity You can make a future time-table using this application


Intelligent Friend Locator This application will allow two contacts to ping each other according to their GPS location If you think you are close to your friend but not able to find him, this application will help you in finding your friend


This Is Open When shops and bars are all shut and you want to continue more then this is the app for you This will give you the details of all the shops nearby that are open at that time You can also increase the location radius on the app for covering the larger area


My Social Card This application allow users to share their worthy details on the virtual card This will include your contact details, your address and social media links You can share your card using email, text, or messages with anyone This will also give some privacy restrictions against some details


Skills of Friends This application will enlist the skills of your Facebook friends This will port the functionality of Facebook to your application, after which your friends will recommend new skills or can update friend’s skills Then anyone can directly reach the person with the desired skills they are looking for


Gift Suggestions on Facebook This application will integrate into Facebook This will also keep a record of the birthdays of friends of a user The application will scour the profile of the friend on their birthday to discover about their hobbies and their interests The user will get a list of items that he could gift to a friend on his birthday


RC Power Plug App You get different apps to control different appliances like microwave and other power appliances This application is mainly to power plug your applications from anywhere Instead of having different plugs you can use similar power plug for all purposes Use one application to control all the things in the house or anywhere else you want to


Complete Grocery You can feed in the grocery details about the things you want to purchase and it will give you a detailed analysis of complete years spending It will be connected with local grocers If you want to get some groceries you can input this via application This will get received by the grocer and will be given back to the user


Stay Sober This application will be pre-fed with the data that will explain you how much alcohol is present in the particular drink and the buffer time to sober it up To avoid drink and drive you can put any drink into the app A time will then starts ticking and will display the amount of time it would take for the users to sober the application


Hope you are going to think about these application ideas These ideas are actually amazing and will work in a great manner


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