The Need of the Waterproof DC DC Converters

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Presentation Description - The commercial DC DC converter finds its utility to maximise the energy in case of energy harvesting in the photovoltaic systems and the wind turbines. These commercial DC to DC converters are referred to as the power optimisers.


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The Need of the Waterproof DC DC Converters

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It is a known thing or a matter of fact that is known to us that how the different types of DC to DC converters have made an impact in the day to day life of the people. The essentiality of the converters can be drawn from the fact that the commercial sector as well as the domestic sector both rely on the converters for their power production. The earlier form or the version of the converters were simple made and were not resistant to water. This caused major setback at times of need. Therefore the engineers made a way to improve the durability of the converters.

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Since the converters can never be exceptionally used indoors or in closed places where water cannot reach. The growing dependence on the converters made them to be used at almost all the places. Therefore the need of waterproof DC DC converters rose.

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Converters Prior to Waterproofing •Before the introduction of the waterproof DC to DC converters the converters when exposed to direct water to rainfall or even simple drizzle made the converters to malfunction. Most of them broke down due to short circuit. •The continuous short circuit increased the risk of fire from electricity •The electrical losses reported were also higher because of the continuous break down of the converters during the rainy seasons. •The industries human beings suffered

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Converters Post Waterproofing The waterproof converters made life and applications easy. Not only did they reduce the losses but were also able to prove its dependency and capability to be used in a number of places. It is due to the waterproof DC DC converters that the electrical power system has received a great support in both the commercial as well as residential units.

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