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JN0-333 Juniper Security Specialist JNCIS-SEC

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QUESTION: 231 Which statement is true about a logical interface A. A logical interface can belong to multiple zones B. A logical interface can belong to multiple routing instances C. A logical interface can belong to only one routing instance D. All logical interfaces in a routing instance must belong to a single zone Answer: C QUESTION: 232 Which three statements are correct regarding a functional zone on SRX Series devices Choose three. A. It can define only one management zone. B. It cannot be specified in a policy to control traffic flow. C. It can be specified in policies to control traffic flow. D. It does not forward traffic. E. It is used to filter transit traffic. Answer: A B D QUESTION: 233 Which two statements are correct about processing traffic entering an IPSec tunnel on an SRX Series device Choose two. A. A new IP header is added to the encrypted packet B. Only the payload of the original packet is encrypted. C. Security policies are evaluated before the route lookup. D. The original IP packet is encrypted Answer: C D

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QUESTION: 234 Which two statements are true about route-based IPsec VPNs on an SRX Series device Choose two. A. Route-based VPNs must use IKE aggressive mode. B. New tunnels are generated with each new flow of traffic. C. An st0 interface must be bound to each VPN. D. A security policy must permit the traffic. Answer: C D QUESTION: 235 You have implemented NAT on your SRX Series device. You now want to be notified if the configured NAT pool is nearing its maximum usage capacity. Which two actions are required Choose two. A. Enable SNMP. B. Enable the overflow pool tracking feature with the desired thresholds. C. Enable the pool utilization alarm feature with the desired thresholds. D. Enable RPM. Answer: A C QUESTION: 236 Click the Exhibit button.

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You have configured antispam on your SRX Series device as shown in the exhibit. Assuming the antispam profile has been properly applied what happens when an e-mail message arrives at the SRX device from at IP address A. The message matches the whitelist and is forwarded to the destination. B. The message matches the blacklist and is blocked. C. The message matches the blacklist and is forwarded to the destination with "SPAM:" automatically appended to the beginning of the e-mail subject line. D. The message matches both lists and is blocked because the device defaults to the more restrictive setting. Answer: A QUESTION: 237 You want to use NAT to translate source addresses using an address pool on the same subnet as the ingress interface. Which action on the SRX Series device would return traffic to the appropriate host

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A. Enable interface-based NAT. B. Disable port translation. C. Configure proxy ARP. D. Configure address persistence. Answer: C QUESTION: 238 Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit which two statements are correct Choose two. A. An OSPF adjacency can be established on interface ge-0/0/3. B. AN OSPF adjacency can be established on both interfaces C. SSH can connect on interface ge-0/0/1 D. Ping is not allowed on either interface Answer: A C QUESTION: 239 You are asked to establish an IPsec VPN to a neighboring device that receives its external IP address from a DHCP server. Which feature must be used on an SRX Series device

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A. Aggressive mode B. Transport mode C. Diffie-Hellman group 5 D. Proxy ID Answer: D QUESTION: 240 You must examine input and output bytes for a particular zone on an SRX Series device. Which operational mode command would complete this task A. show interfaces interface-name extensive B. show security flow statistics C. show security policies D. show security zones Answer: A QUESTION: 241 Your network administrator asked you to replace Node I of an SRX5800 chassis cluster running in an active/active mode. The administrator wants to know any impact this could cause. What should be considered during the hardware replacement A. You would need to add a third CK to Node0 to handle the overload of traffic when Node I is taken offline. B. The two REs on Node0 might become overwhelmed when the third and fourth active REs are taken offline on Node1. C. Node0 might be disabled once it loses connectivity Node1. D. Some traffic might be impacted when the active interfaces transition from Node1 to Node0 and the sessions are reestablished. Answer: B QUESTION: 242 You are creating a new security policy on your SRX Series device to control traffic entering a

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zone. What are three valid actions Choose three. A. Reject B. Permit C. Discard D. Accept E. Deny Answer: A B E

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