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Created by Liliana Richter, a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador. Help end the cycle of poverty.


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Help end the cycle of poverty : 

Please donate today to help fund the education of six highly motivated youth in my community, San Juan Buena Vista, Ahuanchapn, El Salvador, Central America. These youth have excellent academic records, demonstrate leadership, and are positively involved in our community. They want the opportunity to become professionals. Sadly, they lack financial resources. You can help… Help end the cycle of poverty

Welcome to El Salvador;land of beautiful beaches. . . : 

Welcome to El Salvador;land of beautiful beaches. . .

and majestic volcanoes. : 

and majestic volcanoes.

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Unfortunately, this is the reality facing most rural families in their homes in El Salvador.

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Rural families, earning an average of $4 per day, struggle to put food on the table, making it even more difficult to provide for their children`s education. Many families in my community sacrifice in order to send their children to elementary, middle, and sometimes even high school. However, University is far out of the reach for all but the “wealthiest” families (Those with a parent working illegally in the states.)

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I taught a business course in my community, and was both encouraged and saddened to hear each and every one of the 52 students I taught voice very specific dreams of becoming a professional. I was encouraged because I realized that motivation and dreams of a more stable future was the rule, not the exception. I was saddened because I had visited their homes. I knew their families and how much land and livestock they owed or , in most cases, didn’t. Of these fifty, one to three could actually afford an education without some sort of scholarship or aid. And two of the three would only be able to afford it as long as a parent wasn’t deported from the United States.

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Without education, employment is too far out of reach. Without hope to study and better their situation, these youth have children as a distraction from hopelessness, but without a way to provide more for their own children, the cycle of poverty continues.

However, there's hope . . . : 

However, there's hope . . .

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The youth who have the greatest need, and who have displayed the most potential in their schooling, extra-curricular activities, and leadership skills, have been invited to apply for scholarships.

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The Applicants (I have worked with each youth in one or several youth development projects and can attest to both their need and merit)

How Does it Work? : 

How Does it Work?

A.E.S.Aid El Salvador : 

A.E.S. is an aid organization started by returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The Peace Corps volunteer raises funds. Students submit lengthy in-depth applications to prove financial need and academic excellence. Students must be admitted into the National (Public) University to qualify If approved, AES administers the scholarship, thereby ensuring sustainability after Peace Corps Volunteer leaves. A.E.S.Aid El Salvador

This Year’s Fundraising Goal: $2,500 : 

This Year’s Fundraising Goal: $2,500 Long-term Breakdown per student

How can I donate? : 

How can I donate? You can donate at their website / using pay pal. Or you can send a c heck to Aid El Salvador 2688 Pala Mesa Court, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Checks should be made out to Aid El Salvador. PLEASE BE SURE TO WRITE “SCHOLARSHIPS SAN JUAN BUENAVISTA” IN Peter Rennard Voice Phone: 714.809.7084Fax Phone: 949.515.4153

Thank You : 

Thank You

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