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HELLO MY NAME ISJESUS Sexy ?hot stuff?

Who am I : 

Who am I I’m Jesus, idk what to reallly say about me, im 16 short and I like to party nd hang out with friends, my favorite color is red, favorite movie is hangover, favorite food anything that taste good, and im very friendly so don’t be shy to talk to me or make conversation.

How has technology impacted your life. : 

How has technology impacted your life. Technology has always been in my life, well ever since I can remember, and it has made my life fun, with out it it would be more boring that harrison :D So I would like to get a job that has to do with technology so I can make even better one.

Technology in shool : 

Technology in shool We should be able to use any technology that would help us with education. We should be able to use computers, calculators, internet, even phones if necessary, teachers should notice that technology doesn’t do anything bad, but it helps us. Although it does make us lazy .

Life without technology : 

Life without technology It wouldn’t affect a whole lot but it would take away communication. Come to think of it life without technology would suck cuz u cant talk much to ppl nd cuz idk it would just suck.

education : 

education Education is important but its not like omg important, its not worth bein stressed out, as long as I have a good job education don’t matter, I know u need to be educated to have a good job but u never kno u might get lucky. After graduating ill probably go to hcc nd continue my education, well once I find what I want to do.

Jesus for principle : 

Jesus for principle Theres not much I would change for our school cuz when we think of it, schools gonna suck no matter what changes are made, I think I would put more technology in the classrooms nd make classes more hands on so students don’t get bored. And put better food cuz the food they give sucks butt.

What are your dream plans : 

What are your dream plans I don’t know what I want to be yet or what I want to do in life but I just know I don’t want to end up a bum, I want to have a family and live a good life. I don’t want to be all high class or anything I just don’t want to be poor.

hobbies : 

hobbies My hobbies are……. Hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and just doing random things with my friends. I really enjoy using photoshop editing pictures but im not so good at it. I really enjoy sleeping and eating those are my favorite parts of the day :P

Making an impact : 

Making an impact I plan on making an impact by being the first person to fly, jp jp making an impact isnt really my thing. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me or if im known. Idk if I could make an impact in the world but what I would like to make an impact on, would be making mexico a safer country but by the looks of how things are going I don’t think I can do that.

Random thing about me : 

Random thing about me One thing I think u should know is that im 17 not 12 not 13 well im 16 but im turning 17 nexxxt month so yea. I also would like to be a shoe collector cuz I think shoes are awesome, I never get to collect them tho cuz I don’t get much shoes nd the ones I do have I always mess them up.

? : 



WEB TECHNOLOGIES is the creating of websites nd technology ( I suppose cuz I didn’t find the word)

How has the www change the world : 

How has the www change the world Well it has improved comunication nd learning resources nd has helped us to understand the world better ?

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