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A review of the past simple tense in English, positive, negative and question formation, spelling rules, and prepositions of time


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Past Simple Tense:

Past Simple Tense Including a review of: Prepositions of time Making negative statements and questions with did/didn’t Irregular verbs Spelling rules with Adela Rahmati

Basic Rules:

Basic Rules We use the past simple tense to talk about actions and situations that are completely finished and in the past. We might use words that say when it happened. in 2008 at 7:00 on Sunday yesterday last year two weeks ago 5 minutes ago These “time words” are very important. They tell us that the action is finished, and also when it finished.

Prepositions of Time:

Prepositions of Time When we say last, next, every, this we do not also use at, in, on . I went to London last June. ( not in last June ) He's coming back next Tuesday. (not on next Tuesday ) We'll call you this evening. (not in) this evening) I had class ___ 9am . The shop closed ___ 4:00pm. We had a lot of projects ___ October. Did you have school ___Monday? Her birthday was ___ October 20 th . What did you do last year ___ New Years’ Eve? at at in on on on

Regular Verbs:

Regular Verbs Regular verbs  add – ed In negative form, add “did not” (or “ didn’t ”). In question form, the subject and verb change order. In negative and question form, notice that the verb “wait” is in the infinitive (no – ed ). “Did” takes the past tense, and the second verb is in the infinitive. Positive Negative Question I waited. I did not wait. Did I wait? You waited. You did not wait. Did you wait? He/She/It waited. He/She/It did not wait. Did he/she/it wait? We waited. We did not wait. Did we wait? They waited. They did not wait. Did they wait?

Irregular Verbs:

Irregular Verbs Positive Negative Question I had it. I didn’t have it. Did I have it? You had it. You didn’t have it. Did you have it? He/She/It had it. He/She/It didn’t have it. Did he/she/it have it? We had it. We didn’t have it. Did we have it? They had it. They didn’t have it. Did they have it? Notice that “did” and “didn’t” never change form for different subjects (I, you, he, she, it, we, they). Your text should have a list of irregular verbs. If not, you can have a look on my site: for a list. You must memorize these irregular verb forms.

To Be:

To Be Positive Negative Question I was. I wasn’t. Was I? You were. You weren’t. Were you? He/She/It was. He/She/It wasn’t. Was he/she/it? We were. We weren’t. Were we? They were. They weren’t. Were they? We do not use don’t/doesn’t/did/didn’t with the “be” verb. You add “not” after “was/were” for negative statements and questions. For the “be” verb, you must think about the subject and decide if it needs to be “was” or “were”. I, he, she, it  was You, we, they  were

Notes about Spelling:

Notes about Spelling If the verb already ends in – e  just add – d Live  Lived Die  Died If the verb ends in consonant + y  take off the “ y ” and add – ied Study  Studied Marry  Married If the verb ends in vowel + consonant  double the consonant and add – ed Stop  Stopped Hug  Hugged

Let’s Practice! Part I: Positive Past Sentences:

Let’s Practice! Part I: Positive Past Sentences Write these sentences in the past tense , adding prepositions as needed. We / football /yesterday / play    I / 8 o'clock /a sandwich / have   Peru / in /The Incas /live              eat / 10 apples / Billy / Sunday                        see / Sarah / the movie stars / Hollywood         have /We /of the city / 3 maps  is / very / tired / James / this morning We played football yesterday. I had a sandwich at 8:00. The Incas lived in Peru. Billy ate 10 apples on Sunday. Sarah saw the movie stars in Hollywood. We had 3 maps of the city. James was very tired this morning.

Let’s Practice! Part II: Negative Past Sentences:

Let’s Practice! Part II: Negative Past Sentences 1. He had a computer. 2. They saw an old house in the mountains. 3. Andy washed his father's car.  4. The children ran in the garden.  5. Sarah studied French at school. 6. David cooked lunch at home. 7. They were at the cinema.  He didn’t have a computer. They didn’t see an old house in the mountains. Andy didn’t wash his father’s car. The children didn’t run in the garden. Sarah didn’t study French at school. David didn’t cook lunch at home. They weren’t at the cinema.

Let’s Practice! Part III: Past Tense Questions:

Let’s Practice! Part III: Past Tense Questions Write these sentences in past simple tense, in question form. you / in the garden / work ?  Greg / visit / his grandma?  they / speak / English?  eat / what / she / last night?  the door / open / when / David? the Incas / live / where  ? Did you work in the garden? Did Greg visit his grandma? Did they speak English? What did she eat last night? When did David open the door? Where did the Incas live?

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