Too Many, Too Much, Enough, Not Enough

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A short grammar video about too many, too much, enough, not enough


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Enough, Too much, too many:

Enough, Too much, too many With Adela Rahmati

Part 1: Much vs. Many:

Part 1: Much vs. Many The first step is to decide if the noun is countable or uncountable . A countable noun is a person, place, or thing that you can count. The plural form of these nouns usually have an –s at the end. Here are some countable nouns: Apples Days Shoes Pencils Cars People Cities Students An uncountable noun is one that cannot be counted in English. We cannot add -s to make these nouns plural. Here are some uncountable nouns: Time Water Sand Happiness Information Advice Homework Traffic

Using “many”, “much”, and “a lot of”:

Using “many”, “much”, and “a lot of” If a noun is countable , we use MANY . Many people Many students Many cities Many apples If a noun is uncountable , we use MUCH OR A LOT OF. Much time Much water Much happiness Much traffic A lot of time A lot of water A lot of happiness A lot of traffic We can use a lot of for both countable and uncountable nouns. SO WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUCH AND A LOT OF ?? MUCH is usually used in negative and question forms A LOT OF is usually used in positive and question forms EX. “Do you have money?” (-) No, I don’t have much money. (+) Yes, I have a lot of money.

Practice with Much, many, a lot of:

Practice with Much, many, a lot of Let’s try a few examples. Choose much, many, or a lot of after what you just learned. We don’t have ______ time. Do you know _______ words in English? He didn’t eat _______ meat for dinner. Sarah doesn’t have as _______ money as John. How ______ lessons do you have this week? Do we have ______ homework from Adela’s class? Do you have _______ friends in San Diego? There is ________ traffic today! much many much much many much many a lot of

Part II: Enough/not enough too much/too many:

Part II: Enough/not enough too much/too many Now that we know the difference between many , much , and a lot of , we will talk about if this is a “good” or “bad” thing. Maybe we want more, maybe less, maybe it’s just right! If we have the right amount (we do not want more or less), we have enough . If we want or need more , we do not have enough. If we want or need less , we have too much or too many.

Too much (many)/a lot of:

Too much (many)/a lot of Sometimes it is helpful to think about this as “good” and “bad”” If you have “many” good things, this is good, and we will use a lot of, many, or much. He has a lot of money. If you have a lot of something, and this is bad, we use too much/too many. We have too much homework. Too much/Too many is a BAD thing in English. It has a negative feeling. Don’t confuse “too much/many” with “many/much/a lot of” or “so/very”. I have a lot of money. I have so much money. I have too much money. <-- I have a problem now because I have this money.

Enough/not enough/too much(many):

Enough/not enough/too much(many) She wants or needs more coffee (we will use “not enough”) She didn’t drink enough coffee. Now, she has had 6 cups. This is bad. Since “coffee” is uncountable, we will use “too much” She drank too much coffee! Somewhere in between “not enough” and “too much” she had “the perfect amount/number” (we will use “enough”) She drank enough coffee. (not too much, not too little) Not enough Enough Too much/many

Let’s Practice!:

Let’s Practice! 1. Are we going to Hawaii for vacation? No, we don’t have ___________________ money this year. 3. I am really full! I think I ate _________________food. 4. I am so tired. I didn’t have __________________coffee this morning. 5. I have homework from Elective class, and Adela, and I have a presentation! I have _______________ work to do! 6. I am so thirsty. I didn’t drink _______________ water after the gym. 7. This elevator cannot carry us. There are already ________________ people inside. 8. There are not ______________ computers for all the students, so we will share. enough enough too much enough too much enough too many

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