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Bounty Resources Armenia Limited company research & investing information


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Upcoming movies:

Upcoming movies

We Are Your Friends  :

We Are Your Friends  PLOT Cole is a 23-year-old DJ who buckles down consistently and night just to complete that one track that he trusts will be his first hit. He dreams that one day he will turn into a noteworthy record maker. Before long, James, who is an a great deal more experienced DJ, starts to guide him down the way that he needs to go. Yet, everything changes when Cole begins to look all starry eyed at James' better half, Sophie. He will need to settle on a decision between adoration, devotion, and the future that he has been longing for.

The Martian :

The Martian PLOT Astronaut Mark Watney is one of the crew members on a manned mission to Mars. When he is mistakenly presumed to be dead and gets left behind, he finds himself all alone scrambling to survive on the red planet and to ultimately search for a way back home, no matter how impossible the circumstances.

Pan :

Pan PLOT During the London blitz in the middle of the night, a young boy named Peter is kidnapped from an orphanage by a band of pirates. Brought to the magical realm of exotic creatures and flying ships, Neverland , Peter forms a bond with Hook and Tiger Lily as he goes on an adventure to escape the clutches of the cunning Blackbeard with an agenda of his own.

Bridge of Spies :

Bridge of Spies PLOT Based on a true story in the year 1960 about the U-2 incident, where an American lawyer named James Donovan is recruited by the CIA during the Cold War with the mission to rescue a pilot named Francis Gary Powers, who has been detained by the Soviet Union.

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