Benefits of Almond Milk

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slide 1: Benefits of Almond Milk From the moment you are born milk is your main food. Babies and growing children need milk which is important for bone growth and development. Milk delivers the necessary nutrients and is one of the easiest methods of daily intake of nutrients for the body. Nowadays milk is not just limited to cow’s milk. Soy milk and almond milk are some of the varieties that have become immensely popular in the past few years in India. If you are looking for almond milk India your nearest supermarket is the best place to look at. Moreover you will find plenty of options online to choose from. Some even come with a bonus of free home delivery. Let us find out why almond milk is becoming so popular. As you know cow’s milk contains fats and an accumulation of these unsaturated fats in the body over the years could lead to weight gain. Here’s where almond milk comes in. It is a delicious and healthy alternative but without the unhealthy fats. Here are a few benefits of almond milk: 1. It is power packed with nutrients. Almond milk is rich in protein and has a higher level of nutrients compared to other dairy products. The high dose of vitamins minerals and antioxidants present in almond milk is extremely beneficial for health. 2. Almond milk has a very light crispy taste. The nutty feel of almonds makes for a good combination when paired with tea or coffee as an alternative to regular milk. 3. For lactose-intolerant people or people suffering from milk allergies almond milk is a great alternative. Not only does it provide all the nutrients of milk but also gives you a pleasant taste. 4. Apart from proteins and calcium almond milk is also a good source of Vitamin E potassium manganese and magnesium. These nutrients help to condition the skin and a daily intake of almond milk keeps the skin looking beautiful and young. Potassium helps in maintaining normal blood pressure while manganese activates the enzymes present in our bodies.

slide 2: 5. Easy handling and storage. Perfect for on-the-go almond milk is a lifesaver for trips and vacations. Since it does not need to be refrigerated and can be kept at room temperature there is no fear of spoiling if not consumed fast. 6. The presence of selenium in almonds is beneficial for the immune system. It prevents cell and tissue damage in the body by helping in the metabolism of thyroid. Almond milk is comparatively cheaper than conventional milk. This means you are getting more nutrients in the body at a cheaper rate. Just like dairy milk almond milk can also be used in recipes. It does not affect the taste and can be used in the preparation of sweets and cakes etc. Compared to soy milk almond milk is much preferable. This is because although soy milk is rich in protein and an abundance of omega 3 it also contains more sugar which can be extremely detrimental for diabetes patients. Choose almond milk if you are looking to lose weight or to lower your intake of fats. It is good to be healthy.

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