Three Outrageous Ad Campaigns Brands Used to Catch Consumer's eye

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Three Outrageous Ad Campaigns Brands Used to Really Catch the C o n s u m e r ' s E ye


C o nt e n t Introduction Nivea Milka Chocolate Club Cadet Pro Z Riding Lawnmower Conclusion


Introduction The business world is extremely competitive. In order to stand out with marketing, brands often resort to extreme advertising that is sure to get consumer’s attention. Some brands like Nivea, Milka Chocolate and Club Cadet Pro Z Riding Lawnmower have used some branding technique which can be considered outrageous, extreme, unusual and, more effective.


N i v ea A German agency created an unusual ad for the Nivea sunscreen company using a seagull drone t o s qu i r t un s u s p ec ti n g c h il dr e n o n t h e b eac h w it h its sunscreen product. The drone was 100% real and helped to promote the message that children needed sunscreen dur i n g hour s o f s u n e xpo s ur e a n d n ee d e d i t t o b e reapplied as well


MILKA CHOCOLATE As part of the promotion, the company created bars with a square missing. Customers who received these bars were given a code they could enter online. Doing so would allow them to input their own address or that of a loved one. The lucky person whose address was entered would receive the missing square. This would not only provide telling insight into the human psych. It was a great way to promote the product


CLUB CADET PRO Z RIDING LAWNMOWER Some advertising agencies may think that a physical press release is a thing of the past. They brought the trend back in a big way The document was made of the brand’s signature Triple 7 gauge steel, coincidentally also the same material used on their rugged lawnmowers The press release was outfitted with bolts and shipped to media in a custom crate that also included a complementary crow bar


C o n c l u s i o n When it comes to clever ways to market your brand, the possibilities are endless and those who prove themselves to be out of the box thinkers will get the attention they deserve. For a truly original and effective ad , the use of a great graphic design and branding agency will really help you get a leg up.

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