Protecting Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution

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What is the new 5G technology, and what will it do to us? How can you protect yourself from Electromagnetic Pollution?


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Protecting Yourself From Eletromagnetic Frequency Pollution By Lisa Jacob Dahlen

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Do you believe electromagnetic frequency pollution exists I didn’t for a long time. I had heard about it in passing but never really thought it existed because I hadn’t seen any real evidence of it. Maybe you are as I was a skeptic. But that all changed when the smart meters on people’s houses started to be put up. When they came out I heard of person after person getting sick. It was awful It is hard to believe that technology our own technology that we created could hurt us and furthermore I questioned why hadn’t they done any tests to see how it would affect us Here is a list of some of the possible symptoms that people experienced when the smart meters were turned on:  Problems sleeping  headache  Learning problems  Heart Problems  Balance Problems  Leg cramps  Eye problems  Fatigue  Ringing in ears Sounds pretty generic right So how do they know that the smart meters caused this Because otherwise healthy people who had no problems began having these issues IMMEDIATELY AFTER the meters were turned on for their house or apartment. Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution Here

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This is why it has caught so many people’s attention With evidence like this it is pretty hard to deny that electromagnetic frequency pollution exists. WE HA VE ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION ALL AROUND US Electromagnetic pollution is all around us. From our smart phones to our computers and even our Wifi it is everywhere. Here is a list of devices which give off electromagnetic waves which can harm us.  Cell phones  Wifi  Cordless phones  Devices in schools and offices  Fluorescent lights  wireless baby monitors  Smart meters  Appliances and electronics THE FUTURE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES A new form of electromagnetic frequency is coming out soon. By the time you read this it might have already come out. It is called 5G. This is by far the most dangerous technology to have come out yet. And according to my research it will make smart meters look small in comparison. Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution Here

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This new 5G technology vibrates at the precise frequency for it to go right into our skin. Some that have tried this technology have said it is like their skin is on fire. What a horrible feeling Here is a video from a scientific conference about exactly how 5G will affect the human body. If it really is this bad then how do we fix it Many of us want advanced technology but without all the negative medical consequences. Oddly enough there might be a way to protect yourself from all of these electromagnetic frequencies and keep yourself healthy We use a natural plant based solution to help block these frequencies and help restore your own natural electromagnetic field around your body. Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution Here

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