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Now a days head lice are biggest problem for human being and once they comes in your head then it’s very difficult to remove them permanently. Everybody take more products or treatment but probably failed to prevent themselves by lice. So don’t worry we are going to introduce you best nit comb and shampoo which are very effective according to survey of these products.


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Permanent treatment for lice and nits : Call Us On (888) 542-3292 :

Permanent treatment for lice and nits : Call Us On (888) 542-3292


Part of LTC’s multi-stage removal system, the comb is used to remove live lice and their nits (eggs) following applications of JolisCheveux ™ treatment shampoo and conditioner. The comb’s fine-tooth design facilitates removal of nits and bugs. For More Info Click On the Image and Visit Our Site….. Professional Nit-Removal Comb - Jolis Cheveux ™ by LTC®


One of the best methods of fighting your kids’ lice infestation is to brush their hair using a Nit Comb . The correct procedure for this is to wash their hair with a lice shampoo. This not only softens their hair but attack lice as well – either killing them or at the very least rendering them unconscious. Next, apply conditioner in their hair and then start combing through it lock by lock, section wise. The conditioner ensures that their hairs aren’t tangled and facilitates easy movement of the fine toothed comb as well. Meticulously, pick each lice, nymph and nit that you come across during this time. Keep going until you have either found all the bugs, or for a heavy infestation – as long as you can. In-Home Services Book an appointment or get more information: (888) LICE-AWAY (888) 542-3292 Email us : How To Get Rid O f Lice And Nits


Best Shampoo For Lice And Nits Buy All Combo Pack For Removing Permanently Lice And Nits In Best Offer Price.


Lice Treatment Center’s Products For lice removal: Olive Oil Treatment Treatment Shampoo Treatment Conditioner To treat the home: Non-toxic Fabric and Upholstery spray Helmet spray Bunk Spray (for camps ) For aftercare and daily use: Daily Repellent Shampoo Daily Repellent Conditioner Lice Repellent Leave-in Hair Conditioner Spray


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