Music and the City's Musical Prowess

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The human race has been appreciating the value of music since time immemorial. When the ancient men discovered sounds, they started producing them by using bones, bows, and their own body parts. They even tried to combine all of those which resulted in discovering music which then became part of their lives. They used music for entertainment, rituals, and rites of passage. As civilization develops, man’s love for music grows even deeper. In fact today, we use music very often, and we really love it! -


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Music and the City's Musical Prowess


What Makes Classical Music Different


Modern music focuses more on the lyrics than what mystery one feels in listening to classical music.


Importance of Music Schools


Music schools can help much in developing your talent and skills in order to become a great musician


Cagayan de Oro’s Own Classical Musician


Here in Mindanao, we have our own Mozart, Mr. Rudolf P. Golez . He was a protégé of the iconic pianist and conductor Seymour Lipkin.


If you want to learn more about Mr. Rudolf P. Golez and our course in music here in the Philippines, enrol at Liceo U. We offer a bachelor’s and a graduate school Degree in Music.

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