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The SocPsy303 Webinar is a Dyadic Psychology Course now free for educational use only by the public domain. Free for educational use only. Public domain.


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Equally Yoked Dyads:

Equally Yoked Dyads - The Liberal Arts and Humanities - …in a multicultural society Webinar Social Psychology socpsy222


Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Outline Some of the Philosophy Genes: a familial predisposition? New Research Social Psychology Clinical Perspectives, Evidence-based Studies Religious Doctrine Love, Faith, The 1 st Equally Yoked Couple Law and Justice Premarital & Post-marital Settlements - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Webinar

A “Dyad”:

A “Dyad” Dyad . (1.) a pair; (Sociology)., ( 2.) ..two individuals, e.g., husband and wife forming and maintaining a functional marital union., ( 3.) An ‘Optimal Dyad’ (or the ‘Reference Couple’) as been defined as an ‘ equally-yoked ’ couple. a Note: A ‘Dyad’ in Biology (Genetics) is a meiotic chromosome after separation of the two homologous members of a tetrad. - Clinical Social Psychology/A Dyad

“Civil Identity1”:

“Civil Identity 1 ” Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Female Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “ Civil Identity ” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s present : Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, ….. Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Male Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “Civil Identity 2 ” Beliefs Beliefs - Sociology 101: “Civil Identity” same/or similar

“..being socially secure…”:

“..being socially secure…” “Equally yoked Coupleships are about feeling the best one can be about intimacy, sex.. Being ‘equally yoked’ is about being socially secure in ‘who you are – as a couple’.” Republic of Korea, 2012 Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


“…modern…” “A multiplicity of physiochemical, biological, and genetic mechanisms are now the modern part of choosing equallyokedtarianism.” An Anonymous Quotation Psychotherapy & Counseling Psychiatry Medicine Sydney, Australia – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


The Biopsychosociocultural Model Biologic “Civil Identity” Psychologic Social Culture Sex Disability Color Race Disability Religion Ethnicity Martial Status Belief/Creed Sex Race Color PoliticalParty Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation Generic – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Philosophy of Equallyokedtarianism:

Philosophy of Equallyokedtarianism Equal Rights Separate but ‘Equal’ ‘True’ Equality Three Components Three Premises Used by Permission The Philosophies of Equallyokedtarians, 2001 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Beliefs: Equallyokedtarianism:

Beliefs: Equallyokedtarianism Premise # 1 – ‘ Equal’ Rights Inherently people --- everywhere --- all people are considered ‘equal’ under and subject to the physical laws, the social laws, and even the spiritual laws . Premise #2 - Separate and ‘Equal’ Each person is equal as an unique individual with a distinctly different personal identity and set of beliefs. Premise #3 - True ‘Equality’ Each set of pairs-pairing off as a couple – truly equal – according to each individual’s own ‘ civil identity ’ 3 Three Premises: “The Philosophies of Equallyokedtarians”- 2001


…margin… “While modern equallyokedtarianism now allows for a degree of similarity in civil identities to be considered, a truly equally-yoked baseline clinical definition allows for a specific minimum/ maximum margin of diversity.” Counseling/Psychotherapy Psychiatry & Psychosocial Health Paris, France – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Dyads that are Equally-yoked:

Dyads that are Equally-yoked An ’ equally-yoked ’ dyad has been defined as two humans with an equal ‘civil identity’ who interact together - sharing a sense of unity. (1) Coupleships have been shown to be influenced by the presence of whether the dyad is ‘ equally-yoked ’ or ‘unequally yoked’, e.g., an equally yoked couple’s success at coupleship, healthy sexual performance, & social decision-making. Sociologists argue that as the equally-yoked dyads transmit their family values into the next generation - extending their ‘civil identity – as a from of social security. (1,2) - SocPsy400

Traditions – as a family heritage:

Traditions – as a family heritage “We both were taught in our families of origin ‘who’ we were – …our ‘civil identity’ – and what it means to be equallyoked” (note: NOT the concept of equallyokedtarianism as a societal membership organization). Comment: Differentiating between equallyokedtarian couples who were indoctrinated by family tradition rather than those who paid for or used a family heritage DNA testing service was significant but it was not cited here within nor was it pursued. - On Campus College/Survey: Interviews with Equallyokedtarians

Closeness - Distance:

Closeness - Distance One study found that among various Equallyokedtarian couples there were the same closeness-distance issues reported as any other kind of couple. There was no difference in closeness-distance issues amongst equallyoked couples and unequallyoked couples in the existed studies researched. - SocPsy303: Psychosocial Theories

…educate and inform…:

…educate and inform… “The clinician’s effort to educate and inform the patient who is exhibiting genuine signs of a desire to know more about the tenets of equallyokedtarianism should be dialogued.” French Psychotherapy Psychiatry Paris, France – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

PsySoc Re-cognition:

PsySoc Re-cognition Psychosocial recognition is concerned with the processing, storage, and application of ‘ equally yoked ’ dyadic knowledge. With ‘ equally yoked ’ dyadic research it is closely akin to the field of cognitive psychology - with the research focus mostly on the individual’s PoV (Point-of-View) (or world-view, or schemas).  PoV’s are general impressions about the world about us, how things are and how things work. They can be mental shortcuts to better mental health functions without constantly stopping to interpret things. Equally Yoked Dyads (like any couple) develop associations between related their PoVs, and which play an important role in the thought process of healthy pro-social behavior. - SocPsy606

Alcohol-Free Couples:

Alcohol-Free Couples “Equallyoked” Couples Tended to be more alcohol-free Less use of psychoactive medicines Unequallyoked Couples More use of alcohol socially (and other legal/and illegal psychoactive drugs) Results: The study showed that there was more use of alcohol socially and social drugs were more prevalent in ‘unequallyoked’ couples. – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


SocPsy303 Social Psychology Webinar

“On the Street”:

“On the Street” A few statements taken by interviews out on the street : “Equally yoked has to do with love, a healthy mind and healthy relationship.” “I adore (giggle) seeing the equally yoked Couples.” “Whatever the age - ‘equally yoked’ applies.” “Hey, I was born to be ‘equally yoked’.” “Yeah, I like being ‘equally yoked’.” “Indeed, I love and cherish my ‘equally yoked help meet’” “It was just how I was raised, …to be ‘equally yoked’.” “It’s (being equally yoked) for me.” New York, 2001 Psychology Student

Peeling an Onion…:

Peeling an Onion … sex sex ethnicity ethnicity politics politics race race color color religion religion disability disability citizenship citizenship marital status marital status financial status financial status - SocPsy440 …of Dyadic PIs ( Personal Identities ) residence residence family surname family surname credentials son daughter credentials Social identity 1 Social Identity 2 Civil Identity 2 Civil Identity 1 Family ID 2 titles titles ownership ownership middle name middle name first name first name role role rules rules Beneficial outcomes Beneficial outcomes Family ID 1 education education - Liberal Arts and Humanities - ©opyright 2001 – All Rights Reserved

The ‘Equally Yoked’ Lifestyle:

T he ‘Equally Yoked’ Lifestyle The habits and lifestyle of ‘ equally yoked ’ coupleships is one of the most important areas of research-dyadic psychology investigates. (a) Research studies have demonstrated that ‘ equally yoked ’ couples - a higher prevalence of identified habits and lifestyles that are beneficial and positive, but those of unequally yoked twosomes have more-detrimental and negative. Social scientists look at habits, moral values, communication dynamics, roles, decision-making, conflict resolution, cooperation, outside influences in the dyadic equally yoked and... (a,b) - SocPsy440

Social Psychology: Therapies:

Social Psychology: Therapies Individual & ‘Equally-yoked’ Couple’s Therapy Specific psychosociocultural difficulties Assistance with a new ‘Equally-yoked’ Coupleship Adjustment to simple living and lifestyle General evolving psychosocial challenges addressed Grow and Develop as an Equally-yoked Couple Pre-marital education for a successful relationship Social Psychiatry: 2000 - 2001, USA


“…commitment…” Several small studies have proven that ‘equally yoked’ coupleships have higher levels of commitment to helping one another, i.e., SoPs (Significant other Persons) who are in those kind of coupleships when compared to a variety of unequally yoked couples. 6 U.S.A., 2001 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


“…comfortable…” “Equally yoked couples who are comfortable about being just that - ‘equally yoked’ are readying themselves for personal and public success as a ‘couple’.” Brazil, 1991 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Hash tags/meta-tags:

Hash tags/meta-tags Key Words: Unequally yoked, Unequallyoked, Unequally-yoked, equally yoked, egalitarianistic, true equality, introduction to Social psychology, Sociology, violation of Social Mores, Social science, deviancy, Premarital relationships, mating, deviancies, statistical data, Abnormalacies, Sexual perversions, baseline Assessment, Psychopathology, Pairing off, Sociopathology, Violation of Social Mores, Engagement, Biostatistics, Equally-yoked, Equallyoked Couples, Equallyoked, Equallyokedtarian, Equallyokedtarians, Equallyokedtarianism, Coupling up, Pairing-Off, Coupleships, Mate Selection, Dyadic Relationships, Premarriage, Civil Identity, Intimacy and Mating, Pre-engagement, Courting, Courtship, Spouses, Dyads, Dyadic Psychology, Social Mores, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology, Biopsychosociocultural Medicine, Clinical Sociology, Social Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychosocial Health, Marriage and Family Therapy, Sociocultural Anthropology, Human Ecology. Student Readings/Studies Liberal Arts and Humanities

Secular: :

Secular: An Introduction to some ‘Social Psychology’ terms - “ Equallyoked ” – …is a secular sociology/social psychology term that refers to scientific indices, i.e., a ‘reference’ couple/a dyad representing the same civil identity (or very similar civil identities) for conducting applied clinical research studies. 1 ‘ Unequallyoked ’ – concerns an unmatched/ mismatched pair – used in Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology – jargon describing a mismatched couple who are unsuitable from an antipositivism social philosophy perspective. 1 - Sociology/Social Psychology 303


Dyadic Psychology “Equallyokedtarians” are of interest to social psychologists because they represent a dyadic group of the same (or nearly equal/similar )‘civil identity.’ Couples who primarily choose to bond and marry together ‘because’ they are the ‘same ’ or ‘ very similar ’ civil identities, among other reasons, may contribute to marital longevity-staying together for a lifetime as.. evidenced. The measured ‘self esteem ’ of individuals of a marital couple who marries with backgrounds related to their own ‘civil identities’ are worthy marital satisfaction studies as well. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology Counseling : Counseling In education and counseling premarital relationships, the issues of Equallyokedtarian is an appropriate, accurate, and compelling consideration in the realm of true Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology. (1976) Los Angeles, CA Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologist Anonymous – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

…natural drive…:

…natural drive… “There is a natural drive amongst individuals in the movement towards equallyokedtarianism worth working in accordance with while facilitating therapy.” Psychiatry/Group Psychotherapy Spiritual Care/Personal Therapy Hong Kong , China Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Seminary Well learned Seminarians study the 144,000 code as God’s chosen remnant for the last days of earths history to be sealed for deliverance from this life unto the life hereafter……….. Myths Old wives tale : One of Seminarians favorite jokes is, “Couples with the same…ring size are ‘equally yoked’.” Facts ‘Unequally yoked’ couples are believed to be transgressors of God’s word – therefore subject to divorce and/or premature death. Truths ‘Equally yoked couples’ choose the proper dyadic architecture created by God - at the beginning of Creation (of life) - thus for entering into eternal life. RELGION 101: Seminary 1 2 3


“Leftists” - “Rightists” Equally Yoked (Balanced) A “Liberal” pursuit of happiness – r/t sex Free to choose to be ‘Equally Yoked’ it’s “ right ” An “Ideal” relationship, i.e., ‘a more perfect union’ Unequally Yoked (Only Sex Orientated) “a One-track mind:” i.e., Confined to sex-mindedness only. A sin . …of the Anti-Christ an “Abomination” Student Readings/Studies Liberal Arts and Humanities Sex focused

A Legal Ledger: “Equallyoked”:

A Legal Ledger: “Equallyoked” Equally – “true” equality Yoked - the united burden of a contract Couple – a paired off partnership Relationship – inter-communication of Marriage – enjoined formally (socially) and Sex – an intimate physical union for a Family – a baby/child/children Intro to Law Lexicon Liberal Arts and Humanities


Quiz Matching 1. Match the following terms with its definition (1.) Civil identity (2.) Social mores (3.) Unequally yoked (4.) Reference couple (5.) Soul mate (6.) Anti-equallyoked (7.) Equally-yoked (a . ) a couple with the same ‘civil identity’ (b . ) those who discriminate against equally yoked couples (c . ) the naïve who are unequally yoked in multicultural society (d . ) a moral behavior abided in by the most of the community (e . ) in clinical social science an equally yoked dyad (f.) the very first orgasmic sexual of an equally yoked couple (g.) an array of features recognized by governments - SocPsy330 Sample 35points


Exam Multiple Choice Which of the coupleships has been associated with high moral values and healthy sex? (a) Unequally yoked (b) Nonequally yoked (c) Equally yoked (d) Anti-equallyoked (e) Inequally yoked (f) All of the above (g) None of the above - SocPsy300 Sample 35points

Pop Quiz:

Pop Quiz Fill in the Blank (1.) According to the lecture the concept of an equally yoked dyad can be viewed from various perspectives, has various spellings, and has the same or similar meanings in dyadic psychology , _____________, and social _____________. - SocPsy300 Sample 35points

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’ © Copyright: 1997 - used by permission Replay: Tues/Thurs, 1pm

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