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Equally-Yoked Dyads:

Equally-Yoked Dyads Field Research Studies Project: Equallyokedtarianism Social Psychology SocPsy707 Webinar


Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Objectives A little more Philosophy A Welcomed Pursuit of the Equally Yoked Dyad Social Psychology The Successful Equally Yoked Relationship Religious Doctrine Obedience to God’s Word, “Be Ye Not…” Law and Justice Court Ordered: Couples Educational Workshops - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Webinar

An “Equally Yoked” Dyad:

An “Equally Yoked” Dyad Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Age: 25 Sex: Female Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Age: 25 ½ Sex: Male Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single - Intro to SocPsy 222 “ Civil Identity ” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s present : Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, ….. “Civil Identity 1 ” “Civil Identity 2 ”

“…holy grail…”:

“…holy grail…” “…the holy grail for social scientific clinicians is the equally-yoked dyad in which researchers can discover the real truth about the minds and behavior of such couples.” Dr…. ………..PhD Dyadic Psychology Professor Bible College/Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


…welcomed… “Equallyokedtarianism has always been welcomed in the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology for working on improving the relationships of such couples.” British Psychiatry/Psychotherapy Psychosocial Health & Medicine London, United Kingdom An Anonymous Quotation - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Psychotherapy “The phenomena of the Equallyoked Coupleship is a strong social mores in which it is also a good marker/indicator of still an even more complex interpersonal relationship, quite worthy of investing in the power of positive research studies.” (1993) Psychotherapist Dallas, TX Anonymous - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Professional Critics: The Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model – “Equallyokedtarianism” has been described as ‘the globalist’s “ Biopsychosociocultural Homeopathy ” Clinical Social Psychology/Psychiatry - refers to such a couple as….. absolutely, “ The Reference Couple ” Aesthetic/Humanistic/Religious writings - “A lovely couple who were made by God in heaven and sent down to earth by the Angels.” 1, 2, 3 - Internet Literature Review

“Equally-Yoked” Geopsychiatry:

“Equally-Yoked” Geopsychiatry DNA (a potential EY-x2 Gene) - Epigenetics and familial genomes Sociocultural Mores - Identifying local/regional subcultural customs Cosmic particles (concentrated showers) - Earth’s eccentricity-precession-obliquity: pions/muons Endocrinal - biochemistry (+/- nourishment) - Nutritional excesses and deficiencies | Social Psychiatry Notes : Geopsychiatry|

The “Equally Yoked” are Happier:

The “Equally Yoked” are Happier A multiplicity of studies – both formal and casual survey’s have proven that ‘equally yoked’ couples are happier. A few of the reasons ‘equally yoked couples are happier than alternative coupleships is because: First, equally yoked couples decided to make a ‘choice’ to be ‘equally yoked’ and then they follow thru with enjoining and keeping themselves together. Second, equally yoked couples – as individuals, make a conscious choice to ‘be happy’ within their chosen/preferred coupleship. Thirdly, equally yoked couples tend to focus on the ‘little things’ in their coupleship and life to ‘be happy.’ a - Social Psychology 707 A College Campus Surveys Meta-analysis, U.S.A., 2011-2014

“…true coupleship values…”:

“…true coupleship values…” “An “Equally yoked” Coupleship embraces a philosophy that encourages all romantic couples to ‘couple up’ by the same ‘civil identity’ and learn more about what ‘true’ coupleship values are really is about.” Italy, 2001 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Biopsychosociocultural Aspects:

Biopsychosociocultural Aspects Engrams Nutrition and brain Chemistry – Mental imagery Engraining Cognitive structuring/restructuring Mental Conditioning Complex thoughts and thinking: depth of courage Socialization Community events and education Social Psychiatry: 2000-2001, USA

“…a wholesome way of life.”:

“…a wholesome way of life.” “The ‘equally yoked’ couple was God’s creation for human kind ( and a lot of mammals as well ). Being in an equally yoked coupleship is a wholesome (p sychosocial ) way of life.” Japan, 2004 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

The ABCs…:

The ABC s … The ABC s of Psychosocial Health is… 1.) … information/education about successful ‘Equally Yoked’ Coupleships. 2.) …Social Norms: “ How to Avoid ” unequally yoked premarital relationships and marital unions. 3.) …Relationship Counseling : with “Pro-equallyokedtarian” psychotherapies. - Psychosocial Health Care: A Matter of Fact

“God should be first…”:

“God should be first…” In a small study, equally yoked couples were surveyed and unequally yoked couples were surveyed. - Who should be first in one another lives.? Results: the ‘Equally yoked couple” tended to agree slightly more so than the ‘unequally yoked couples’ that God should be first in one another’s lives. 24 U.S.A., 2001 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Religious and Philosophical:

Religious and Philosophical “An extraordinary ‘couple’ who share a ‘civil identity’ – a coupleship forming especially related to their theology and cultural locale.” - Paris, France, 2000 “People who believe and care about preserving their ‘civil identity’ and family ‘identity’ lineage.” - Madrid, Spain, 1999 “Here is the rare ethical sensibility in mating for life as true practicing Christians.” - New York, USA, 2001 RLGNS 101 : Equally Yoked

“..being socially secure…”:

“..being socially secure…” “Equally yoked Coupleships are about feeling the best one can be about intimacy, sex.. Being ‘equally yoked’ is about being socially secure in ‘who you are – as a couple’.” Republic of Korea, 2012 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


“…commitment…” Several small studies have proven that ‘equally yoked’ coupleships have higher levels of commitment to helping one another, i.e., SoPs (Significant other Persons) who are in those kind of coupleships when compared to a variety of unequally yoked couples. 6 U.S.A., 2001 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Simultaneous Mutual Orgasms:

Simultaneous Mutual Orgasms A survey showed: Couples that were simply asked about their private sexual goal – i.e., to plan for and attempt to attain ‘mutual orgasms-both-simultaneously.’ Equallyoked Couples: Scored higher then unequallyoked couples. Couples of other descriptions: Lower scores on the same question. - Soc707: Psycho-social Sexuality


Webinar SocPsy707 Social Psychology

A “True” Theocracy:

A “True” Theocracy An ‘all inclusive’ society.. i.e., all equallyokedtarians globally… AI-Robots and Human Coupleships Equality between AI-robots and humans? Pre-programmed by God - loving human beings/and as true equallyokedtarian couples. The robotic preprogramming of unequally yoked coupleship vs equally yoked coupleships. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Religious Meanings:

Religious Meanings “Equally yoked” is a Holy Bible orientated vernacular – meaning - a couple having a ‘ Garden of Eden ’ kind of relationship - with high regard for working out a gospel plan for the pair’s salvation. …meaning a coupleship expressed as a righteous witness to God’s miraculous power of matching man and woman properly in a broader system of Bible truth. ‘Unequally yoked’ is a Holy Bible originated vernacular – that concerns associating/ with nonbelievers, i.e., a man and woman – one who denies counsel in the word of God. Nonbelievers-without a pure heart - anti-righteous - who are a menace to the truly loving ‘equally yoking’ ministry of the Savior. RELGION 101: “True Equality” in Couples

the 144,000…:

the 144 , 000 … The Individuals who comprise Equally yoked Coupleships residing with i n a Multicultural Society who will be translated into Heaven for Eternal life. b The Paradigm of - Bible Christian Fundamentalists, 1977

“Origins” of Behaviours:

“Origins” of Behaviours “Equallyoked” A socially ‘proper’ relationship-union High level morality r/t established social ethics Deep meaningful sense of relatedness 1 “Concupiscence” A random opportunity r/t a sex based relationship. Infatuation, immoral, lustful, sexual passions Fun, and/or orgasm orientated IBID - Social Psychology: SocPsy 202

“…social progress…”:

“…social progress…” “An equally yoked coupleship is the individuals perfecting themselves and is the bases of all moral growth and development that will eventually extend into true social progress.” Counseling/Psychotherapy Mental Health/Family Psychiatry Shanghai, China Quote: Used By Permission

Sexual Psychology:

Sexual Psychology ‘Sexual psychology’ is the study of the mental attitudes, beliefs, and feelings that influence and are influenced by participation in sexual foreplay, sexual performance, and sexual orgasm (in the equally yoked ). In the study of ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads, sexual psychologists have mainly been focused on such couples achieving mutual simultaneous orgasms. Therapists working in couples groups use application of the knowledge gained through the study of ‘ equally yoked dyads’ to promote healthy sexuality in ‘equally yoked’ couples and marriages.  - SocPsy777


…new… “The new generation of psychotherapists working with individuals before marital coupling – are realizing the importance of educating the client about equallyokedtarianism - that he/she might be helped in psychological readjustment and social rehabilitation.” Counseling and Psychotherapy Social Psychiatry Toronto, ON, Canada - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

It’s About “Choice”:

It’s About “Choice” It’s About Freedom of Choice …About taking Charge of Choosing a Proper Coupleship 1,2 …. …Understanding Better the Feelings of Why to Choose to Be “Equallyoked” 3 …but, I don’t want to be ‘equallyoked’ ! The ID - Social Psychology : SocPsy707


“…up-to-a-point…” “According to the Yerkes – Dodson law, i.e., an empirical relationship exists between arousal and performance, (R. Yerkes and J. Dodson , 1908), and as applied to couples who choose to be ‘equally yoked’ - do so - but, only up to a point. A therapist can inform a client about the benefits of ‘equally yoked’ coupleship and it still is the couple’s free choice to actually couple-up - increasing mating behaviour and their mental competence.” Dr. ……. DrPsy Clinical Psychologist Anonymous Quotation - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

The “Self”:

The “Self” Self Image – How the IP sees his/or her SELF . Self Esteem – How the IP feels about his/or her SELF . Self Identity – How the IP’s SOP sees the IP and the way that the SoP sees the IP’s seeing his/or her SELF . Self Value – How the IP’s SOP feels about how the IP and how the SoP feels about the IP feeling about his/or her SELF . Self-Concept – How the IP’s Therapist sees the IP and how the SoP sees the IP and how the IP’s sees his/or her SELF in relation to an equallyoked coupleship . Self Worth – How the IP’s Therapist feels about how the IP and the SoP’s feeling about the IP’s feeling about his/or her SELF in relation to an equallyoked coupleship . - Social Psychology : Self & Identity IP SoP Therapist

Life’s Journey:

Life’s Journey “ Ups ” of the Equallyoked Couples- Success: relationship development & growth. The “ Even Keel ” of Equallyoked Couples- Normal: An average ‘healthy’ lifestyle. “ Downs ” of an Equallyoked Couples- …and of an unequallyoked couple - problems, troubles, and difficulties. Student Readings/ Studies Summary


Religious | Secular Religious: “Equally Yoked” Created by God ..therefore, it’s God’s will Its an inherent part of the plan of human salvation A sacred relationship An abiding in true, good, and human ‘right doing’ Sanctification Matched by more than just civil identity 1 Secular: “Equallyoked” The foundation of forming a proper dyad A duty to society Equal/or similar civil identities for the best psychosocial wellbeing Good citizenship/ abiding in social mores A foundation for the pursuit of happiness 1, 2 Comparison - Liberal Arts and Humanities


Christology “In the field of Christology, the study of preparing a people to meet Jesus Christ, is primarily concerned with being just like Jesus - forming the nature, personhood, and works of Jesus Christ right into equally yoked coupling …” 7 - Christian Bible Psychology “Christology and Equally Yoked” - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

…for the perfecting of the saints..:

…for the perfecting of the saints.. “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints , for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith , and of the knowledge of the Son of God, un to a perfect man , unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-13. - Liberal Arts and Humanities - - The Holy Bible


A Need to Fulfill in An Equallyoked Coupleship A few fulfilling features of a typical ‘equallyoked’ coupleship: honesty, vulnerability, mutual respect for healthy boundaries, a full range of emotions, constructive ambition, sharing of personal philosophy of life, full expression of love, admiration, and respect, high level self-esteem, excellent communication, true bonding, fun times together, really healthy sex , negotiation with supportiveness, activity variety, commitment, ‘seeing’ the best in one another for the best outcome, true love, etc…. A Review Of the Liberal Arts & Humanities

The XYZs…:

The XYZ s … The XYZs of Psychosocial Medicine… …Dyadic ‘separation’ based on ‘Unequally Yoked’ status and Pro Se Divorce Proceedings: …e.g., a ‘No fault’ Divorce Court, or a Civil Annulment . a …Settlement: No statue of limitations. ‘ Pro-equally Yoked’ psychological care and/or psychiatric care for individualized (emotional relief/mental health care therapy and/or psychosocial health care. a,b …Divorce Recovery Workshops with a true Equallyokedtarian orientation. a,b,c - Psychosocial Health Care: A Matter of Fact

Psychosocial Wellness:

Psychosocial Wellness Until recently, the fields of complimentary and alternative health have had few studies in healthy social behavior and/or pro-social behaviours conducted with ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads. Some new investigations statistics have yielded favorable results. (a) Pro-social behavior - behaviors that involve helping and cooperating . Dyadic researchers look at why some people help others to be ‘ equally yoked ’ as well as why they at times refuse to help or cooperate. Sexual perversions, criminal motives, and mental illness are a few reasons and is identified as the “ Antistander effect ” a social phenomenon familiar to the mainstream of integrative health professionals. (a,b,c) Much of the research amongst ‘ unequally yoked ’ dyads have revealed that ignorance, drugs, and poverty are a but a few factors in lack of helping or love. Other studies of mobs or rioting or refusing or failing to call the police for help – was associated with ‘ unequally yoked’ dyadic relationships. (c) - SocPsy500

…an unction…:

…an unction… “The equally yoked couple is an unction of the Holy One – a fore taste of the New Jerusalem to be established on the New Earth.” A …………..Rabbi Re: Coupling Up in Judaism - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


A Healthy Relationship Good Communication Honesty Trust Equally-yoked Support Respect Time Psychosocial Health: A Healthy Relationship …a well rounded…


…choose a destiny… “It is the responsibility of each mature individual to choose a destiny – that of ‘equallyokedtarianism’ – for assuring relationship satisfaction and longevity.” Counseling & Psychotherapy’ Spiritual/Personal Therapy Toyoko, Japan (Anonymous Quote)…PhD - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

A Planet-Friendly Coupleship:

A Planet-Friendly Coupleship In view of the universe, Cosmotologists, Astrophysicists, and Theoretical Physicists as professional experts all agree that the “Equallyokedtarian” couple is a ‘more perfect union’. 1 - Philosophy 101: Meta-ethics

P R E P A R E:

P R E P A R E P = P lan for an ‘equally yoked’ coupleship. R = R esearch your family’s background and their sociocultural related groups. E = E xplain your plan to your family and friends. P = P rioritize your plan over family and all else. A = A sk them for assistance with your plan. R = R elax while you are pursuing your plan. E = E xecute your plan for an equally yoked courtship with a sense of freedom. - Student Readings/Studies Report


CEs While CEs – by petition – is solely at the discretion of the attendees accrediting agency - Continuing Education credits earned by attending any of the classes on Equally Yoked Dyads – should accumulate 1.5 hours per class for SocPsy202-SocPsy404 for Social Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Psychosocial Health Professionals, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists. SocPsy505-707 CEs are solely at the discretion of the individual attendees accrediting agency. Webinar - SocPsy707

Final Examination:

Final Examination Project Proposal Field Research Study Project ( eMailed only ) Field Survey/or Clinical Interviews Define Population Size and Psychometric Tools Oral Presentation Report of Findings Feedback Total Points: 100 = A+ Webinar After completing the Webinar lecture, just do the examination, so it can be graded ASAP (Please note: being online – in attendance and participation – is added points ), and a print out of a certificate of completion should be made available.


Internship Field Project Proposal - Internship Write a field project proposal as an intern working within an organization, office, or agency. 1.) It must provide opportunity for in-agency interviews of couples for explicit data collection and analysis. 2.) It must allow for questions pertaining to ‘civil idenity’ with or without informing of ‘equally yoked’ status. 3.) It must not be restricted to pay or no pay. After approval-go do it-and turn in your results. Sample - SocPsy700 100 points


Externship Field Project Proposal - Externship If you are a professional working in the field Write a field project proposal for conducting within your own organization, office, or agency. 1.) In-agency interviews of couples for explicit data collection and analysis is to be conducted at your own discretion . 2.) A waiver for release of information concerning client’s ‘civil identities’ and any other related material may be an option. 3.) Payment or no pay to participating couples is optional. After approval-go do it-and turn in your results. Sample - SocPsy700 100 points

Doctorate Dissertation:

Doctorate Dissertation Topic ( & ©opyright) , (dedications and/or acknowlegements) Abstract (general summary) Table of Contents Introduction (& proposal) Key words (abbrev. definitions) Hypothesis, (or research aims/objectives) and ethical considerations Review of Literature Research materials and methodology Data collection Data analysis Findings Discussion Conclusion Recommendations Implications for further study References (bibliography) Appendices Tables Figures Artifacts (images) - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Outline Committee - Defense Draft


Thesis Graduate/Masters - Thesis Topics to put forth: equally-yoked dyads research studies, a project pertaining to a specific equallyokedtarian dyad, equallyokedtarians, equallyokedtarianism in general, etc. Format : Monograph - title page, abstract, table of contents, chapters, e.g., introduction – a thesis statement, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and a bibliography (or a references section). - SocPsy700 Thesis committee - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Submit proposal for approval -


Dissertation Doctorate Dissertation* - Defense Report on a research project path or study concerning ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads, or an extended analysis of ‘equallyokedtarianism’ in general. Format : Explain the purpose of studying ‘ equally yoked ’ dyadic groups – use a multiple chapter format: ( a. ) an introduction-to the research topic, the methodology, ( & its scope and significance); ( b. ) a literature review, (of relevant literature on the research issue); ( c. ) a methodology chapter (explain how the research has been designed and why the research methods/population/data collection and analysis being used were chosen); ( d. ) a findings chapter (outline the findings of the research itself); ( e. ) an analysis and discussion chapter (Part1-analyze the findings and Part2-discuss them in the context of the literature review) ( f. ) a summary of the evidence (and if any hypothesis), and ( g. ) a conclusion (the significance of the findings for society). - Liberal Arts and Humanities - - SocPsy777 dissertation committee * or licentia Submit proposal for approval -

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’ Permission to Reprint, Copy, or Print Understood Replay: Tues/Thurs, 1pm

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