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The SocPsy505 Webinar is a Dyadic Psychology Course now free for educational use only by the public domain. Upper division credit.


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Equally-Yoked Coupleships:

Equally-Yoked Coupleships Practicums: Field Studies in Dyadic Psychology Social Psychology SocPsy505 Webinar


Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Objectives Philosophy Definitions: “Equallyokedtarianism” - A Prelude Social Psychology UN/WHO and Psychosocial Health Religious Doctrine On Campus Interviews of Couples Law and Justice Premarital Counseling - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Webinar

Family Therapy:

Family Therapy “Credibility in clinical social psychology about Equallyokedtarianism is beyond reproach - even addressing the vast and varied compatibility issues of such socially well matched couples.” (1993) New York City, NY Marriage and Family Therapist Anonymous

“Equally Yoked”:

“Equally Yoked” “Described as ‘ E xtraordinary’ and ‘ rare ’ and even ‘a Gift of G-d’ are Religious couples with a …… like ‘Civil identity’ ” Jerusalem, Israel, 1970 RELIGION 101: “Equally Yoked”


“Civil Identity 1 ” Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Female Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “ Civil Identity ” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s present : Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, ….. Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Male Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “Civil Identity 2 ” ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’

“..teach their values..”:

“..teach their values..” “Many people who partake of ‘equally yoked’ coupleships extend their values into family. It is not uncommon for an ‘equally yoked’ couple to teach their values to their children. Rightly so.” France, 2003 Social Psychology – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Sound Doctrine:

Sound Doctrine “Equally Yoked” is solidly orthodox – conforming to God’s word – as biblical truth and sound doctrine.” 1 - Sins of the Holy Bible?, Rabbi C. Christianson “The gospel of Jesus is a sacred trust – after the cross, ‘unequally yoked’ became false doctrine.” 1, 2 - Why Jesus Died for Me, Pr. L. Wooton “Choosing an ‘equally yoked’ coupleship sealed the pair for eternity, then, as it does today” 1, 2 - Sermon notes, Rev. L. Johnson RELGION 101: “Sound Doctrine”

…a higher desire to grow…:

…a higher desire to grow… One small - on campus - study showed that equally yoked couples revealed a higher desire to develop and encourage each other to grow towards God then did the ‘unequally yoked’ couples. 1 U.S.A., 2001


A Social Psychology Project: The research project: Googling First, ….simply google : < equallyokedtarian > And …googled: < equallyokedtarianism > Then, ..googling: < equallyoked >* Social Psychology *Note: Almost immediately one notices there are several spellings, such as; ‘ equally yoked ’, ‘ equallyoked ’, and ‘ equally-yoked ’ So, all variations in spellings were googled for this research project. a


“Equallyokedtarianism” A general movement of 'couples' throughout the world with very similar or the same “civil identities”... …recognizing and meeting one another... relating to each other, identifying with, bonding with, marrying , and.. …raising families together ... a lifestyle.. 'equallyokedtarians'... A Review Of the Liberal Arts & Humanities


SocPsy505 Social Psychology Webinar

A Prelude:

A Prelude In just humanistic and philosophical terms “ Equallyokedtarianism ” is actually NOT better understood to be abstract ‘perfectionism’ at all. If “ Equallyokedtarianism ” were indeed believed by the proponents of it to be truly a sense of ‘perfectionism’ – philosophically and humanistically - it would be the very psychosocial focus of all world government endeavors, all futuristic religious sciences, and generally – among the mass populations - for the preservation and advancement human ecology by actual mandatory human cloning. The truth is; the diversity and variability of “ Equallyokedtarianism ” is so very, very, very vast – the meticulous clinical biological, psychological, and social/cultural research study of it can be only expressed in immense proportions as exponential and massive computations. 1 However, with respect for formal religion - religious salvation/preservation of all humankind, “ Equallyokedtarianism ” may be the doctrine of irreducible biological and socio-cultural architectural social complexity - a truly well sought after - dyad of divine creation from God in heaven. Yet, as a modern/and up-to-date secular concept, “ Equallyokedtarianism ” is certainly a most important and valuable judicial Waymark for marital unions subject to all fair and just contemporary social justice systems. Finally, in terms of it as an art and science, that is, “ Equallyokedtarianism ” is at least ‘creative aesthetics’ at its very best and an ‘absolute’ necessary for integrative social scientific clinical accuracy for true applied Social Psychology/and Social Psychiatry... 2 - PhD/Professor of Humanities


“…is central…” The concept of ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ amongst a very diverse multicultural population is central to scientific human ecology, the biopsychosociocultural evolution of global civilization, and the conservation of ‘true’ humanitarianism… 1 - UN/World Health Organisation, Unpublished Scientific Papers


UN/WHO About 66% of the whole world knows about ‘ equallyokedtarianism ’and are either: * In favor towards status recognition, or * Are in some way connected with the movement, or * Regarded as “ Neutral” or without an official opinion At least 1/3 of the U.N. member states ‘recognize’ an EQUALLYOKEDTARIAN unique status. An estimated 193 of the U.N. members have constitutions that justices may rule on discrimination cases concerning ‘Equallyokedtarians’ 1,2,3,4 Social Psychiatry Notes : Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes


Beliefs – insights couples have about being ‘equallyoked’ (or not) “Do we believe that we are equallyoked ? Yes, we believe we are equallyoked . We both believe the same. So, we trust that it’s the right thing to do.” Note: This equallyoked couple were forthright about their beliefs and shared the fact that they both hold the belief in being, “…not unequally yoked.” Social Psychology Field Project: Interviews with Couples On Campus

“Homogenous” Couples:

“Homogenous” Couples Mutually Favorites: Music Colors Art Food Recreation Laugh at Same Jokes Share in Favorite Restaurants Seeks similar Entertainment and Movie Genres Seeks same Vacation Spot Destinations - Marriage , Family, and Child Psychology They ‘like’ the same…. …more of a colloquial term…

Quality of a Coupleship :

Quality of a Coupleship Equallyoked Personal uniqueness Mental health Physical and erotic appeal Emotional connection Healthy sense of humor Moral values Sociability and political events Civil Identity Ratings : Unequallyoked Individual differences Fun/Funniness Rapid decisions Intimate attraction Emotional sensitivity Sociability and active social living Character traits - Soc505: Coupleship Quality


Rate* the Importance of: Physical Attraction? Beliefs about God? Future Plans? Financial Wealth? *Rate: the importance of each issue in your Relationship . Rate 0 - 10 Insignificant=0, Low 1-2, Mod 3-6, High 7-10 Intellect Quotient? Emotional Quotient? Equally Yoked? Rated #1 Preliminary results of Survey1 Preliminary results of Survey2 Rated the Highest Survey1 Survey2 Beliefs about God? On Campus Take Home* Equally Yoked? +/- 0.99 n =35 n =51 +/- 0.99 *may be survey hard-copy or on-line Spring Semester 2001 Fall Semester 2002


Social Mores : +| - “Equallyoked” Good self-esteem Spiritual maturity a high level morality Social resilience Stable family values Quality of relationship Financial security “Unequally yoked” False self-image Drug abuse implicated Immaturity/immorality Lying/deception Fun over facts Destruction of family lineage -Social Psychology/Self and Identity

“…family and child rearing…”:

“…family and child rearing…” One study that inquired, “do equally yoked couples or unequally yoked couples have more of a clear understanding of family and child rearing? The results of the study showed that unequally yoked couples have an understanding was more skewed and distorted while the equally yoked couples have more of an understanding of family and child rearing and was one of proven clarity . 15 Tonga, 2006 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


Modern/Slang: “ Equally-yoked ” is a contemporary social survivalist couple who - Speak the same language, wear the same cultural clothing styles, and actually practice the same family holiday customs. A private relationship of - coordinating, collaborating, and complying with each other in a mutually exclusive sexual relationship. An intimate relationship seeking sexual pleasure and mutually satisfying orgasms in regular frequent sexual pleasure encounters. 3 “ Unequally-yoked ” is urban rap - A couple who don’t communicate well, differ a lot in moral values, and are usually astranged and/or differentiated from their families. A schizophrenic couple - miscoordinating, ill collaborative, and fail to comply with each other in a mutually exclusive relationship. A selfish relationship, sexually abusive, unsatisfying that eventually leads to fewer, poor, or no sexual encounters at all. 3 - Introduction to Sociology:Modern/Slang

Dyadic Psychology Critics:

Dyadic Psychology Critics Firstly,  while research findings proving in other areas of the social sciences have been in the center of the ongoing ‘replication crises’ i.e., difficult to replicate, …contemporary social psychologists studying ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads have found themselves not even in the fringes of such, considering all other fields of the social sciences. Secondly, QRP (Questionable Research Practices) are practically nonexistent-owing to the number of countries producing reliable findings are Christian or nations with significant Christian populations. There is no profit morally or monetarily in intentional statistical fraudulence involving ‘ equallyokedtarianism ’ Thirdly, converting undesired outcomes into desired outcomes via the manipulation of statistical analyses, sample size or data management, typically, i.e., to convert non-significant findings into significant ones to suggest that the evidence for the study outcome was funded by and attributed to corporate vested interest. - SocPsy600


… Liberty … “ …the Leftist is an opportunist who chooses an unequallyoked relationship.” “..the freedom to choose a mate with the exact same ‘Civil Identity’ is both, an idea and an ideal, and for some a worthy ‘ Goal ’” “It is true liberty that is expressed in an intimate sexual relationship that is the within an Equallyoked relationship.” Student Readings/ Studies Summary

No one has a “perfect” coupleship:

No one has a “perfect” coupleship “The time spent out in society acquiring a realistic perspective on ‘normal’ relationships can be a challenge. The more aware of our relationships, e.g., our coupleship archetecture, the more likely we are to care about it. …No one has a “perfect” coupleship and couples come in a variety of different and diverse ‘civil identities’ matched and mismatched.” South Africa, 2001 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

+ | - Social Influences:

+ | - Social Influences Some dyadic psychologists are interested in the roles that influences equally yoked couples before engagement, marriage, and family. In the areas of equally yoked mate selections some investigators examine; what conformity, positive persuasion, peer influences, and abiding in good social mores has to do with pre-marital coupling. Such research has helped reveal what social influences has helped people to resist abnormal or ‘ unequally yoked ’ secular influences. - SocPsy550


Relationships 101 The Equally Yoked versus Unequally Yoked Truth equality* Abiding in social mores Moral choice Joy/enjoyment Lies inequality* Violation of social mores Perverse humor Fun/funniness** “Twisted” “Straight” *false equality **hysteria *true equality A Review Of the Liberal Arts & Humanities


Secularism & Religion Mix The unequallyoked couple…married by worshippers of a false Christ (the elitist globalists who are of the devil) …globalism … the political ‘trade’ interconnection of all the world via dictators/monarchs of territories economic integration – ‘free’ migration of people …malsuited coupling-up …‘free trade’ need regulation by an entity ..a common currency … a common military… liberalism vs. rule of law, …mandate/ or advisory A secular concept – psychological warfare – to make people good seem bad/and bad seem good. Self-determination of the unequally yoke couple who is excluded from the remnant 144,000 …the enemy makes …globalistic missionaries all over the world - in collusion with the same …satan makes the unequallyoked situation that traps people in an unequallyoked relationship Fear of loneliness - …unequally yoked is.. a mixing …an acting out/acting - in order to avert persecution … “happy as a couple dirty pigs rolling in mud” philosophy …a subculture/system of morality, ethics, and laws…. Common heritage - confounding the languages – analogy: “babylon” scattered around the face of the earth The devil imposes tatoos, wild hair doos styles, seductive clothing, gambling, rock’n’roll ..unequallyoked intimacies …culture has built in boundaries of habitation - system of thought government …out of it came culture Addiction: addicted as a slave to immorality without a good test to assure relationship quality/accuracy Sin (..and yet a small fraction of God’s will) reigns the heart To make unequallyoked couples ‘want’ and ‘accept’ unequallyoked coupleships for satisfaction …war/military industry …increasingly secularized culture of one world government of cultural homogency “To die for” –a one time exhilarating and Illicit sex act or illicit religious unequallyoked sex. Social Psychiatry Notes : Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

Equally Yoked and Religion:

E qually Yoked and Religion Demonism: … “Be Ye not Unequally Yoked” Abomination – as a ‘muddy’ picture of God’s creation. Deliverance from sin - an unsuitable relationship. Identity and Self “Who I am” – (an agent) in Christ (Jesus as the Savior) Family Identity, Social Identity, and Civil Identity A Healthy Relationship Architecture The “Equally Yoked” Architecture as a ‘Proper’ dyad. Actually the same (or similar) ‘civil identity’ with a special focus on religion and spirituality - true to the Lord and self. - Doctrinal, Moral, Biblical Studies


The Lord: Sets things in Order Darkness Abomination Twisted/lies Careless fools Wrong doing Sex idol (of devil) Hellacious Light Wisdom Salvation True doctrine Carefree joy Righteousness The law of God Eternal Life RLGNS 101: Light and Darkness Equally Yoked Unequally Yoked

Equally Yoked - Theolograms:

Equally Yoked - Theolograms Unequally yoked Equally yoked Inequally yoked Nonequally yoked NOTE: The full range of human ‘coupleship’ experience also includes the ‘anti-equally yoked’ (who are the actively rebellious counterculture) (deliberate) (over compensative) (naïve, innocent, gullible) (divine pattern) (inadvertent) (rebellious)

An Unified Message?:

An Unified Message? A single united message to world health leaders in solidarity by … those who ‘believe’: “Be ye not unequally yoked” and woman of similar ‘civil identities’ worldwide. “Be ye equally yoked” …man and woman of equal ‘civil identities globally. “Be ye unequally yoked” …anything goes between man and woman, anything. Theology 101: A _ Single_Unified Message


Readings/Studies Summary of Studies (or essay) A written report of specific interests up to now. Oral Report With a submited copy of presentation (pdf) Total Points: 35 = “A” Webinar After completing the Webinar lecture, just do the exam, so it can be graded ASAP (Note: being online – in attendance and participation – is added points ), and a print out of a certificate of completion should be made available right away.

Extensive Essay:

Extensive Essay Write an extended essay 1.) Summarize a research finding about ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads and the some of the influences of secular media on society. a.)______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ 35 points. Recall and cite a study and then identify as many influences of secular media possible. - SocPsy555 Sample


Clerkship Field Project Proposal – Clerkship – Write a proposal for data collection and analysis of ‘ equally yoked ’ couples...with a Quantitative focus 1.) Collect data r/t ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads 2.) Summarize totals in graphic chart form 3.) Write an analysis of your observations and an opinion of your experience serving in clerkship After approval-go do it-and turn in your results. Sample - SocPsy770 100 points


CEs While CEs – by petition – is solely at the discretion of the attendees accrediting organisation - Continuing Education credits earned by attending any of the classes on Equally Yoked Dyads – should accumulate 1.5 hours per class for SocPsy202-SocPsy404 for Social Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Psychosocial Health Professionals, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists. SocPsy505-707 CEs are solely at the discretion of the individual attendees accrediting organisation. Webinar - SocPsy505 FREE – public domain

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 © Copyright: 1997 - used by permission ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’ Replay: Tues/Thurs, 1pm

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