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Equally-Yoked Dyadics:

Equally-Yoked Dyadics Recent Findings: Coupleship Studies, Meta-analysis, and Longitudinal Studies Social Psychology SocPsy404 Webinar


Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -


Objectives A little more of the Philosophy Pairs, Twosomes, Coupleships, and Dyads Social Psychology Field Surveys, Clinical Research, Longitudinal Studies Religious Doctrine Campus and Bible School Interviews Law and Justice Couples identified as ‘one’ have unalienable rights - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Webinar

Clinical Psychology:

Clinical Psychology “The Equallyokedtarian phenomena represents true to life examples of the ideal couples structure. In Clinical Social Psychology studies - photographs of Equallyoked Couples are as diverse and wide in variety as there are stars in heaven across the universe.” (1998) Chicago, IL Clinical Social Psychology Anonymous


Dyadic Psychology “Equallyokedtarians” are of interest to social psychologists because they represent a dyadic group of the same (or nearly equal/similar )‘civil identity.’ Couples who primarily choose to bond and marry together ‘because’ they are the ‘same ’ or ‘ very similar ’ civil identities, among other reasons, may contribute to marital longevity-staying together for a lifetime as.. evidenced. The measured ‘self esteem ’ of individuals of a marital couple who marries with backgrounds related to their own ‘civil identities’ are worthy marital satisfaction studies as well. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

“Kiss ‘n’ Tell”:

“Kiss ‘n’ Tell” Study : Tally whether individuals can ‘guess’ if someone is of the same ‘civil identity’ or not when blindfolded. Lab: Anonymous individuals – One female and one male - were blindfolded - out of sight to one another. Clinical Procedure: The couples blind-folded were ‘equallyoked’ and ‘unequallyoked’ and presented to meet one another under strict observation for a brief period. Couples were then instructed to choose - whether to touch (hand-shake), hug (socially), social kiss (European cheek-kiss) and talk for a limited time period. Individuals recorded whether the anonymous other was ‘equallyoked’ or not equallyoked. Social Psychology Results: “50:50” Yes, about half ‘could’ tell!

Scientists and Amateurs:

Scientists and Amateurs “Scientists (of the social sciences) have identified ‘ equally yoked ’ couples as a ‘more perfect union.’” Australia, 2000 “Whatever the species of mammal here on earth, whether it’s human or animal - pairing off as ‘ equally yoked ’ can be readily identified, even by amateurs. Hawaii, 2001 Social Psychology – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

An Example of ‘Equally yoked’:

An Example of ‘Equally yoked’ mother father child Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Female Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: Ethnicity: Politics: Religion : Race: Color: Age: Disability Sex: Male Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “ Civil Identity ” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s PRESENT : Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, ….. The ‘same’ (or similar) Civil Identity

“…roles in marriage…”:

“…roles in marriage…” A study amongst graduates off campus revealed that “Equally yoked Couples” scored higher levels of understanding than did ‘unequally yoked couples’ concerning roles (about one another’s roles in their marriage). 5 U.S.A., 2002 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

A Biopsychosociocultural Instrument:

A Biopsychosociocultural Instrument Ethnicity Politics Race Color Religion Disability Age Sex Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation Marital Status Familial Status <50% <50% <50% 0.0% >0.1% Typical Civil Identity I f… <50% <50% <50% and… …….‘unequally yoked’ (unequallyoked)… <50% <50% 50:50 The Rule Social Psychology Self and Identity data base standardized measurements of civil identity and correction factors therefore… Yes, “Equal” ‘nearly’ equal ‘slightly’ equal “No”

Percentage of “Unequally Yoked”:

Percentage of “Unequally Yoked” 15-17 18-21 High School Community College 22-24 25-29 University Classes Master’s Level 30-39 40-49 Doctorate Candidates Post Doctorate No premarital Counseling/Education: r/t “Equally Yoked” Divorce Recovery - Classes/Workshops: r/t “Equally Yoked” - Longitudinal Studies: “Equally Yoked vs Unequally Yoked Populations”, Research Studies in Dyadic Psychology, 2001 - 2015 * Incidence of Equally Yoked versus Unequally Yoked Coupleships. “Fluctuating incidents of Coupleships” – Variability is hypothesized due to couples are ‘uninformed/misinformed, uneducated - to - well informed, better educated. By Age Group*: USA, 2001 – 2015 Court Ordered Counseling: r/t “Equally Yoked” Pre-Midlife

Corelationships in the Equally-yoked:

Corelationships in the Equally-yoked Equally-yoked Couple Architectures: “ Equally-yoked” Couples Models Modern computer science: identifying features Clinical analysis/conservative interpretations Extrapolation of data about ‘Equallyokedtarians’ “ Unequally-yoked” Epidemic Samples Unequally-yoked Couples Paradox Vital Statistics: Non-equally yoked amplitudes Social Psychology Research: 2000-2001, USA


Webinar SocPsy404 Social Psychology

Attitudes in the Equally-yoked:

Attitudes in the Equally-yoked A new generation of social psychologists are now interested in the components of attitudes, how attitudes develop and how attitudes change particularly amongst the ‘ equally yoked ’. Dyadic Psychologist’s area of major research involves the study of attitudes amongst ‘ equally yoked ’ couples and ‘unequally yoked’ couples too. Three core components of attitude are the ABCs: A ffective (the feelings), Behavioral (habits and lifestyle), and the C ognitive (understanding). - SocPsy700

…out on College Campuses::

…out on College Campuses: “All it is – is ‘equally yoked’ – simple.” “It’s perfectly natural to be ‘equally yoked’.” “It feels really good to be ‘equally yoked’.” “I’m comfortable to be’ equally yoked’.” “It feels exuberating to be ‘equally yoked’.” “I actually feel more comfortable among family and friends.” “I feel a sense of freedom in America being ‘equally yoked’.” “I feel God created the ‘equally yoked’ relationship in the beginning just for us. “Well, God meant for us to be ‘equally yoked’, I feel. “Equally yoked? It means true happiness.” USA, UK, Canada, Austraiia Psychology Project 2015

“AI – Robots”:

“AI – Robots” A rtificial I ntelligence and R obotics …factoring in ‘the ideal couple’ for the robiotics and the future of world citizenry: A marital architecture that is based upon the true ‘ Equally-yoked ’ model. CI (Civil Identity) as best irreducible ‘coupleship’ complexity for the intermix of artificial intelligence-robots and restorative human coupling up. “The Futuristics of AI-Robotics”

…Religious Entertainment…:

…Religious Entertainment… Broadcasters throughout the nation Plays with an Equally yoked couple is the cast Portraying of ‘ equally yoked ’ verses ‘unequally yoked’. Roles suitable personality and character scripting Liberal Arts and Humanities: Media

Modern Social Psychology:

Modern Social Psychology Today, social psychologists study the traits and factors that either prevent or lead ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads to relate to, bond with, and marry or otherwise. (a) Still other social psychologists look at unequally yoked dyad’s acting out in the presence of others, and the social pathology under which certain actions and negative reactions and feelings occur. (ibid) Social psychologists who study ‘ equally yoked ’ couples are ‘normative’ investigators-who are concerned with the way feelings, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and goals are constructed and how such psychological factors, in turn, influence our interactions with others. (b) - SocPsy200

“…a holy relationship...”:

“…a holy relationship...” “A massive review of historic sacred literature identifying any reference to, and all forms of, ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ with a confirmation, baptism or ritual religiousity within or outside of sectarianism, even into formal Christianity reveals that it is a holy relationship designed by the Father above.” 12 Fr. J.G. Abigail Translated from Old Latin Rome, Italy – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

…growing need…:

…growing need… “Psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, are the rallying points for the growing need to educate and reeducate the students and the public about the importance of equallyokedtarianism.” Social Psychology/Psychotherapy Clinical and Mental Health Psychiatry Houston, TX/Chicago, IL U.S.A.



Biopsychosociocultural Development:

Biopsychosociocultural Development Understanding individuals who marry as unequally yoked partners – (S ocial psychiatry ) Antisocial/subcultural perversions/acting-out Perpetrated deviant acts, acting, actions… A comprehension of couples/pairing off as equallyokedtarians – ( Health psychology ) Personality/Character, health communication + Social mores, Sociocultural health habits Personal Identity, personal values/moral codes Social Psychology – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Religious and Philosophical:

Religious and Philosophical “An extraordinary ‘couple’ who share a ‘ civil identity ’ related to their theology and cultural locale.” 1 Paris, France, 2000 “People who believe and care about preserving their ‘ civil identity ’ and too – their family’s ‘identity’ lineage.” 1, 2, 3 Madrid, Spain, 1999 “Here is the rare ethical sensibility in mating for life as true practicing Christians.” 3 New York, USA, 2001 RLGNS 101 : Equally Yoked


“…success…” A randomized study of unequally yoked couples was compared to identified equally yoked couples concerning: what ‘success’ meant to each of the individuals within the coupleship - the results were that – the Unequally yoked couples’s understanding and definitions of ‘success’ focused more on corporations and monetary wealth. While equally yoked couples yielded resulted with high levels of personal values satisfaction, financial stability, and outcomes related to social benefits. 15 U.S.A., 2000 – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


“...idealistic...” “Although it seems rather a bit ‘idealistic’, an equally yoked relationship is, in fact, the oldest most respected type of pairing off of couples here on earth.” An Anonymous Quote Psychotherapist/ Social Psychiatry Old Eastern Slavonica Culture, Russia – Liberal Arts and Humanities –

Depth & Breath of Devotion:

Depth & Breath of Devotion “Sin=Unequally yoked is a delusion of the devil’s concoction.” Sermon, 1999 “Getting right with God” – choosing the ‘ equally yoked ’ relationship as the primary coupleship in life. Bible Study, 2000 “…is turning one’s back on the Holy Bible and the true Church – rather than partnering keenly with them in Christ. Seminary, 2001 RLGNS 101: “Devotion” – Liberal Arts and Humanities –


Q/A Discussion Statement : “It’s disgusting to think we have to abide in any ‘civil rights’ and ‘human rights’ when we are free choice to violate people’s ‘social mores’.” - SocPsy404 Webinar

Midterm Exam:

Midterm Exam T/F True/False section Matching Glossary of Terms section Fill-in-the Blank Written Statements section Short Essay Topical Matter section Total Points: 35 = “A” Webinar – Liberal Arts and Humanities – - SocPsy404


Quiz T or F? 1. According to the lecture, ‘ equally yoked ’ and ‘unequally yoked’ have about the same rate of coupleship success. T / F 2. Researchers think they have isolated why ‘ equally yoked ’ couples have higher success rates. T / F 3. The ‘ equally yoked ’ coupleship architecture or structure has been identified as the foundation for a successful coupleship. T/F - SocPsy440 Sample 35 points

Shorty Exam:

Shorty Exam Short Essay (1.) According to the lecture, explain what the components in the term ‘civil identity’ has to do with ‘ equally yoked ’ dyads. ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ 35 points. Be as thorough as possible. - SocPsy400 Sample


CEs While CEs – by petition – is solely at the discretion of the attendees accrediting agency - Continuing Education credits earned by attending any of the classes on Equally Yoked Dyads – should accumulate 1.5 hours per class for SocPsy202-SocPsy404 for Social Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Psychosocial Health Professionals, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologists, and Marriage and Family Therapists. SocPsy505-707 CEs are solely at the discretion of the individual attendees accrediting organisation. Webinar - SocPsy404 FREE – public domain

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” :

“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 © Copyright: 1997 - used by permission ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’ Replay: Tues/Thurs, 1pm

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