Lydia Hall Nursing Theory

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Lydia Hall: Nursing TheoryBy Elizabeth BandaKathleen AmadasunKetly AngomaLynda HoweOklahoma Wesleyan UniversityAbbie BaileyJuly 22,2009 : 

Lydia Hall: Nursing TheoryBy Elizabeth BandaKathleen AmadasunKetly AngomaLynda HoweOklahoma Wesleyan UniversityAbbie BaileyJuly 22,2009

Lydia Hall : 

Lydia Hall Nursing Theory

Lydia Hall : 

Basic nursing education in 1927 Bachelors in Public Health Nursing in 1937 Masters in teaching Natural Sciences in 1942 First director of Loeb Center for Nursing Nursing experience in clinical, education, research and supervisor role Nursing Philosophy based on patient care Lydia Hall

Theory Overview : 

Theory developed in late 1960’s Nursing care can be delivered on three interlocking levels Care = Hands on bodily care Core = Using self in relationship to patient Cure = The disease: applying medical knowledge Theory Overview

Theory Continued>>> : 

Patient care only from trained nurses Defines nursing as care performed by a professional Care focused on individuals, families and communities Care focused on maintaining optimal health and quality life from birth to end of life Care is ongoing matrix of learning and teaching Theory Continued>>>

Care Circle : 

Care Circle

Care : 

Nurturing component of care It is exclusive to nursing “Mothering” Provides teaching and learning activities Nurses goal is to “comfort” the patient Patient may explore and share feelings with nurse Care

Core : 


Core : 

Patient care is based on social sciences Therapeutic use of self Helps patient learn their role is in the healing process Patient is able to maintain who they are Patient able to develop a maturity level when nurse listens to them and acts as sounding board Patient able to make informed decisions Core

Cure : 


Cure : 

Care based on pathological and therapeutic sciences Professional nurse helps patient through the rehabilitative phase of care Nurse is patient advocate in this area Nurses role changes from positive quality to negative quality Cure

Interaction All Three Aspects : 

Emphasis placed on the importance of total person Importance placed on all three aspects functioning together All three aspects interact and change in size Interaction All Three Aspects

Major Ideas of theory : 

Three interlocking circles representing one aspect of nursing Only nursing is defined as the function necessary to carry out care, core and cure Philosophical view of humans having energy and motivation for self-awareness and growth Definitions of health and society must be inferred Major Ideas of theory

Continued>>> : 

Halls theory is applicable to each phase of the nursing process. Limitations of the theory….. Can be overcome by taking a broader view of each aspect of care, core and cure. Was not pleased with concept of “team nursing” Continued>>>

References : 

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