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Not all info on the powerpoint translates well - so if you see surprising stuff, it was not ME :-)

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Seniors Having Fun : 

Seniors Having Fun Dr. Ania Lian Pedagogy and Technology Consultants ABN 33 106 205 029 Presentation given at the Multicultural Seniors’ Frontiers ACT Health Program Workshop 5 – 4 September 2010 Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre Level 2 Function Room, 180 London Circuit Canberra City

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How does the Internet work?

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What does the Internet offer?

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Check my FB friends

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Home Gym – from Facebook

Slide 6: 

Don’t honk at older people, FB

Slide 7: 

Breakfast at Ginger’s – I found it on FB

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Strange things on the shop camera

Slide 9: 

Star Child, FB

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Yakov Yavno "Hava Nagila"

Slide 11: 

Korean Drummers

Slide 12: 

Marek Grechuta

Slide 13: 

Besame … Cesaria Evora

Slide 14: 

Moscow Nights ..

Slide 15: 

Moscow Nights ..

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Sacred War

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La mer – Charles Trenet (Olympia)

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Viens - Marie Laforet

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News Education Games

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18 m year old living fossil

Slide 22: 

UFO – MSNBC, Dr. Michio Kaku

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Dr. Bruce Lipton – The biology of perception, Part 7 out of 7

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Click for daily crosswords Online Games – Daily Crosswords

Slide 25: 

Click for games Online Games – Map Puzzles

Slide 26: 

A demo of a map game

Slide 27: 

Go to the game

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We love Lenovo’s Thinkpad

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