Key Factors To Consider Before Keratin Treatment

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Key Factors To Consider Before Keratin Treatment There are different types of heat treatment when it comes to hair styling. Keratin treatment is one of the best. However there are certain factors which need to be considered. We are halfway into the summer but it seems that the humidity is still there. This is the reason most people like to get keratin treatments. Keratin treatment makes the hair smooth and frizz-free. It has a solution that locks the hair straight to maintain the quality of smoothness. However there are some factors which need to be considered before applying the treatment of keratin. Keratin is not actually the star of the show It is a misnomer. It has ingredients like ammonium thioglycolate sodium hydroxide methylene glycol formalin methanol and methanediol. These all together release formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water to break the bond of the hair. After the completion of the process high heat of flatiron is used to accelerate the cross-linking of hair bonds. In some specific treatments there are waiting periods to consider before washing the hair. This allows the criss-cross to set up appropriately and permanently. However products that come with strong concentrations of formaldehyde allow immediate washing.

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Ventilation is the key It’s true that every house cleaners carpets synthetic fabrics etc contains some content of formaldehyde. It can be corrosive if the amount is not checked. This means when you are opting to get a keratin treatment be sure to make the area properly ventilated to stay away from ill effects. This is the reason you must visit the best salon in Toronto that provides genuine products and specialized treatments. What are you looking for If the product applied in the treatment process does not contain formaldehyde it will simply coat the hair with a film that smoothen the hair. The effect is generally temporary and less significant. If you need to change the texture of the hair products must be chosen that are rich in chemicals to create the cross links. Whatever be the condition of your hair or the style you want be sure to consult with the keratin technician to get the best product without compromising the safety. Choose a salon that respects your health The salon specialist must be able to tell you about brand and the type of treatment when it comes to formaldehyde content. Ideally he/she must be aware of the amount of formaldehyde so that customers don’t experience issues in the long run. Sometimes ironing is needed to straighten the hair or curves. This iron is used to distribute the heat evenly while vacuuming away the fumes. Keratin treatments prove to be healthier in the long run Keratin treatment is better than normal heat styling. If you consider using a flatiron everyday your hair may become prone to dryness and later each one of them gets uprooted. As per the experts heat treatment is applicable once in a while and this is the reason keratin treatment is the best among all. Keratin treatment is a process that keeps the hair safe and healthy while achieving an ecstatic look. BOOKING 2245 Yonge st 2nd Floor Toronto Ontario Phone: 416 482-4247 416 482-4247 416 482-4247416 482-4247

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