Reasons to Buy Used Car Parts from a Car Wrecker

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Why should you buy auto parts from a car wrecker? Here are the top reasons which will help you to decide with your car part purchase.


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REASONS TO BUY USED CAR PARTS FROM A CAR WRECKER IT GIVES YOU PURCHASING CONVENIENCE YOU GET QUALITY PARTS YOU SAVE SIGNIFICANTLY AGAINST NEW PRICES YOU GET A WARRANTY FOR USED CAR PARTS YOU PROTECT NATURE AND THE PLANET There are several reasons for buying used ford car parts from A reputed ford car wrecker; however, some of the key reasons are mentioned here below, which will help you to decide with your car part purchase:


IT GIVES YOU PURCHASING CONVENIENCE When you’re in need of A ford car part, give A call to ford car wrecker experienced and knowledgeable sales rep will pick up your phone and ask you all the right questions about the make and model of your vehicle to find the right part for your vehicle .


YOU GET QUALITY PARTS Used ford cars for A price and quickly too approach A car wrecker. Ford car wrecker evaluates the used car by inspecting its parts and engine and accordingly offers a price to the customer. Once the used car is bought from the customer, ford car wrecker dismantles the used ford car for parts and then all quality parts are placed for reprocessing so that it can be reused in ford cars. VISIT MORE INFORMATION


YOU SAVE SIGNIFICANTLY AGAINST NEW PRICES When you buy used ford car parts for sale , you save anywhere between 45% and 55% against new prices, and by the look and feel of the car part, you can judge about its quality. If it looks pristine, you can fit the part on your car with complete confidence. Why should you buy new car part and fork out extra dollars right when you can easily buy a quality used ford car part(s) and save considerably.


YOU GET A WARRANTY FOR USED CAR PARTS When purchasing your ford car part from A car wrecker, always ask if they provide any warranty on the used car parts. If they are providing a warranty that means they are standing behind their used car parts, which is also an indicator of quality car part. This will give you added confidence when fitting the used car part on to your car. In the absence of A warranty, you can’t be sure about the product.


YOU PROTECT NATURE AND THE PLANET When you buy used engine or parts from A car wrecker that has been already manufactured, bear in mind These parts have already cost the nature its carbon price and when you decide to purchase a brand new car part, it will cost our earth yet another carbon price. When you buy a second-hand ford car part from a reputed car wrecker, you’re reducing the carbon price by half.


ABOUT FORD PRO WRECKERS Ford pro wreckers we are australia’s number one supplier of second hand parts for ford falcon, fairlane, territory and all FPV models. All of our staff here have an excellent knowledge of all models of falcon, fairlane, territory and fpv models. We have many complete fords sitting here ready to be dismantled. All parts are available, and if they aren’t on the cars in our yard we will more then likely have them on the shelf ready to go. If your car isn’t drivable, we are able to pick up your car from you and bring it to our smithfield car wrecking workshop to carry out any repairs that are necessary.


CONTACT FORD PRO WRECKER Address : 94 Victoria St, Smithfield, NSW, 2164, Australia Phone : +02 9757 1811 CONNECT WITH US

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