The Ultimate Checklist on How to Buy or Sell Used Cars in Dubai

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Looking to buy or sell a used car in UAE? Here is a checklist from Best Buy Autos, who can handle the transfer process for buyers and sellers of second hand cars in Dubai to make it easy and hassle-free.


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HOW TO BUY OR SELL USED CARS IN DUBAI THIS CHECKLIST MAKES IT EASY Looking to buy or sell a used car in UAE Here’s an expert checklist to help you buy or sell with confidence. Your decision to buy used cars in Dubai can save you a fortune and makes immense practical sense. However given the risk that the new car may turn out to be unreliable you have to be cautious. Here is a checklist from Best Buy Autos who can handle the transfer process for buyers and sellers of second hand cars in Dubai to make it easy and hassle-free. BUYER’S CHECKLIST It covers the step-by-step car buying journey that allows you to focus on the more important aspects when you buy used cars. DECIDE WHAT KIND OF CAR YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Success in buying a used car is all about knowing what you want out of your car. Your needs and lifestyle determine whether you need a compact car or a sedan for your family This helps you determine your budget and narrow your choice of cars. INSPECT THE CAR’S CONDITION Long-term reliability of the car should take precedence over all other features. Therefore a thorough inspection is critical to accurately assess the car: • Check for a recent RTA mandated vehicle at a certified VTC centre • Check for kilometres travelled and fuel mileage • Start the engine and run it for 30 mins • Now check the condition of the fluids like engine oil coolant transmission oil • Check the engine oil filter for any sludge • Examine the radiator and other engine components for rust or repairs needed • Check the colour of the exhaust and inspect the exhaust pipe by running your fingerson the inside checking for greasy grime which indicates a hidden engine problem • Check the tyres for wear and tear • Inspect the car’s exterior for any uneven paint colours. • Check car equipment like the headlights car seats power windows air-conditioner steering wheels etc. to see if they are in good condition. Take it for a test drive and drive it through all gears and at all speed levels around the corners and different road surfaces to reveal issues which wouldn’t be detected otherwise. Also check the car service manual to confirm that the car has been regularly serviced. Make sure you cross check that the chassis number and engine size on the registration certificate matches the ones in the car. Also ensure that the seller has cleared all pending fines on the car.

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OWNERSHIP HISTORY AND TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP The next step involves ensuring the you know the cars ownership. Is this the first owner or has the car had previous owners Take your original and valid Emirate ID proof of residency and driving license. Ensure that the seller also transfers the ‘Salik Tag’ along with all the necessary documentation including original invoice and road tax receipts. TRANSFER CAR INSURANCE Don’t delay in transferring the car insurance policy into your name. You can either purchase it at a RTA authorised centre or online. Don’t forget to ask for your ‘No ClaimBonus’to save 20 or more and hundreds of Dirhams on premiums from your current insurer. It is usually listed on your insurance renewal notice. It is likely that the used car you are looking to purchase may not be perfect but following the above checklist can help you make it a confident buy. Alternatively a quick easy and hassle-free way to buy used cars in UAE is to buy certified cars from certified used car dealers in UAE. Their cars undergo multi-check point inspection and background checks and you can also take advantage of in house used car finance in Dubai along with extended warranties and high-quality service for guaranteed satisfaction. SELLER’S CHECKLIST Planning to sell used cars in UAE Here is a checklist to help you get a great price fast and sell used cars in Dubai hassle-free. • Get a Free Car Valuation Online - Pricing your car right is the first step to selling your car faster. Simply use the free online car valuation services offered by a leading used car dealer in UAE like Best Buy Autos and others to know the resale price of your car. • Trade-In Or Sell It To A Certified Dealer - Pricing your car right and keeping it clean isn’t sufficient to help you land a car buyer fast. You need to advertise your car take it to test drives with strangers and get it regularly serviced while it sits in the used car market. This could take weeks or even months. Instead selling it to a certified used car dealer means you can sell the car immediately and get instant cash payment within 24 hours. That’s not all. They do all the advertising and tedious paperwork so you can sell your car at the maximum value quick easy and hassle-free. Looking to buy or sell a car in Dubai We at Best Buy Autos – leading used cars dealers in UAE make it easy and hassle-free for you. Our used car professionals manage the entire process for you so you get the best value while sitting at home. We can also offer you a 2 nd hand car loan in Dubai along with transparent pricing and friendly multi-lingual car experts who bring international experience to help guide you to your dream car. Call +9714329 2950 or visit now

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