Most Beautiful Forests by Li Haidong Singapore

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Li Haidong from Bounty Resources Armenia ltd is explaining you details about the Most Beautiful Forests. Li Haidong Singapore believes everyone should plant a tree in his lifetime.


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Top Five Most Beautiful Forests:

Top Five Most Beautiful Forests By: Li Haidong

1: Daintree, Australia: :

1 : Daintree, Australia: bounty resources armenia ltd Daintree is also commonly referred to as the rainforest that encounters the reef. The forest is located somewhere in Northern Queensland and comprises of some of the world’s exceptional species of flora and fauna. Numerous types of butterfly can be found in Daintree.

2: Equador’s Cloud Forest: :

2: Equador’s Cloud Forest: Li Haidong singapore Equador’s cloud forests offer a magnificent view for anyone that visits it. It basically transports you to a different world. The forest can be seen extending on either side of the Andes. It is well famed for its bio diversity and is mainly made up of birds and other rare species.

3: The Amazon Rainforest :

3 : The Amazon Rainforest bounty investment holdings ltd The Amazon rainforest has been featured in several different documentaries as well as movies. Amazingly, the Amazon stretches across nine countries. However, a big chunk of the forest lies in Brazil. As the largest rainforest of the world, the Amazon rainforest boasts of one of the wealthiest bio diversity.

4: Alaska Rainforest: :

4: Alaska Rainforest: bounty resources The Alaska rainforest boasts of being the biggest temperature forest in the globe. One can choose different locations to visit such as Chilkoot inlet. The vast green forest can be viewed easily from this location in spite of the mountain ranges that surround it. Moreover, a majority of bald eagle can be found in this place.

5: Sapo National Park, Liberia: :

5: Sapo National Park, Liberia: bounty resources armenia If you are planning for a vacation to Africa, then you need to include Sapo National Park in Liberia as one of the places to visit. The forest has been described by many as a virgin rainforest at its peak. However, the harsh temperatures and high humidity makes the forest a little hard to reach compared to other forests in the world.

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