Countries With Best Rail Networks by Li Haidong Singapore

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Li Haidong from Bounty Investment Holdings Ltd will give you details about the top 5 Countries with Best Rail Networks by Li Haidong Singapore.


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Top Five Countries with Best Rail Networks in the World:

Top Five Countries with Best Rail Networks in the World By: Li Haidong

1: United States :

1 : United States bounty resources armenia ltd This U.S. railroads still play a major role in the nation’s freight shipping. They carried about 700 billion tonnes of goods in the 70’s and 80’s which doubled to 1.5 trillion ton-miles in 2005. The total ton-kilometre of freight that the United States accounted for is about 3000 billion as per recent data.

2: Russia :

2: Russia Li Haidong singapore Rail transport in Russia has been called an economic wonder owing to the splendid advancements that took place in the 20th and 21st century. In length of track Russian railroads are second globally to the railways of the United States. Russian Railways accounts for 2.5% of Russia’s GDP.

3: China :

3 : China bounty investment holdings ltd Like India, railways is the commonest commuting medium of the Chinese. By the end of 2010, the operating rail network traverses the length and breadth of the country, covering a total length of about 90,000 km making only the rail networks in the United States and Russia larger in size.

4: India :

4 : India bounty resources India probably has the most intricate rail system connecting even the remotest villages and towns. Rail transport is a commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in India. Rail operations are handled by the state. The total railway network here accounts for about 65,000 kilometres spanned all over the country.

5: Canada :

5 : Canada bounty resources armenia Canada has a very strong railway network which comprises the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway. Nation-wide passenger services are provided by the federal crown corporation Via Rail. Canada has about 50,000 kilometre of total track coverage, of which only 129 kilometre is electrified.

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