Ancient Greek Science and Mathematics

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Ancient Greek Science and Mathematics: 

Ancient Greek Science and Mathematics Libby Huang


Physic Accomplishments Highly advanced physics and theories On matter, motion, and force Gravity


Democritus 460-370 BC Founder to atomic physic-atomic theories Ancestor of Chemistry

Aristotle of Stagira: 

Aristotle of Stagira 384-322 BC Most important and methodical Founder and pioneer of many fields

Aristotle cont: 

Aristotle cont Wrong Basic elements Earth = center Gravity Galileo’s experiment on gravity-prove Aristotle wrong


Astronomy Accomplishments Motions of earth and the general ideas of universe Astronomy calculations

Aristarchus of Samos: 

Aristarchus of Samos 320-250 BC Copernicus of antiquity Chief exponent of Heliocentric system

Aristarchus cont.: 

Aristarchus cont. Aristarchus’ calculation: distance to moon and sun

Autolycus of Pitane: 

Autolycus of Pitane Fl. 300 BC Wrote the oldest known treatises on astronomy Mathematical astronomy


Engineering Accomplishments Highly developed instruments General, daily life mechanics Weaponry

Philo of Byzantium: 

Philo of Byzantium 260-180 BC Greatest Alexandrian engineer Embraced almost every aspect of engineering and mechanics

Philo cont.: 

Philo cont. Philo’s experiments on pneumatics

Hero of Alexandria: 

Hero of Alexandria 1st century BC Founder of Higher Technical School of Alexandria-Polytechnic “Encyclopaedist”

Hero cont.: 

Hero cont. Mechanical “fountain” Hero’s formula Aeolipile An imitated model of Hero’s aeolipile


Geography Accomplishments Mapping Geographic calculations Forms and dimensions of earth, Biogeography theories to solve geographic problems

Anaximander of Miletus: 

Anaximander of Miletus 610-543 BC Founder of scientific geography First to draw a complete map

Colaeus of Samos: 

Colaeus of Samos 7th century BC First Greek to sail to Atlantic Ocean “Earth is round”


Mathematics Accomplishments Geometry Number theories Mathematic analysis


Pythagoras 580-490 BC Pythagorean Theorem First to use the word “Mathematic”

Pythagoras cont.: 

Pythagoras cont. One of the prove for Pythagorean theorem Extension of Pythagorean theorem


Euclid 330-270 BC Famous work “Elements of Geometry”

Euclid cont.: 

Euclid cont. A copy of the “Elements” published in 9th century. Prove for Pythagorean Theorem in the middle

Archimedes of Syracuse: 

Archimedes of Syracuse 287-212 BC The greatest Mathematician till Newton Genesis of Engineer in Ancient Greece Resolutions to many famous problems

Archimedes cont.: 

Archimedes cont. Archimedes in bath when he suddenly came out with the method to test the true identity of the crown Archimedes claimed he can pick up earth using levers

Zosimus of Panopolis -Chemist: 

Zosimus of Panopolis -Chemist Early 4th century AD First to separate physic and chemistry First to use the word “chemistry”

Dioscorides Pedanius -Pharmacologist: 

Dioscorides Pedanius -Pharmacologist 40-90 AD Founder of Pharmaceutical science Father of Pharmacology

Dioscorides cont.: 

Dioscorides cont. A copy of Dioscorides’ book on Pharmacology

Effects on Ancient Greece: 

Effects on Ancient Greece Economy, trading Military technology More advanced and civilized Scientific contributions Core of western science and math

Economy, trading: 

Economy, trading Open up more trading opportunities More exchanges with other nations Southwest Europe North Africa Black Sea area

Military strength: 

Military strength Advanced weaponry and machines Alexander the Great

Advanced in knowledge: 

Advanced in knowledge More “civilized” Curiosity Make Greek society more of a society of reality rather than of religion

Scientific contributions: 

Scientific contributions Great contributions Massive heritage for future generations Established the foundations The core of western science and math

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