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GI System:

GI System

Layers of GI Tract:

Layers of GI Tract Mucosal Muscularis Nerve plexus Adventitia

GI Activities:

GI Activities Four major activities: Secretion Absorption Digestion Motility

Chapter 47:

Chapter 47 ANTIULCER DRUGS : An Overview of Disease Processes

Peptic Ulcers :

Peptic Ulcers Peptic Ulceration Hypersecretion HCl Pepsin Mucosal lining erosion Esophageal Gastric Duodenal Common sites of peptic ulcers.

Peptic Ulcers :

Peptic Ulcers Predisposing Factors (Table 48-1, pg 714 7 th ed Kee & Hayes) Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Mechanical Genetic Environmental Drugs Symptoms Aching pain Occurs after eating


GERD Inflammation of esophageal mucosa gastric acid from stomach esophagus Medical treatment similar to peptic ulcers

Nonpharmacologic Measures:

Nonpharmacologic Measures Avoid tobacco Avoid alcohol Weight loss Avoid hot, spicy, and greasy foods Take any NSAIDs, including aspirin and oral glucocorticoids, with food or in decreased dosage Sit upright Do not eat before bedtime Wear loose-fitting clothing

Pharmacological Therapy: Antiulcer Drugs:

Pharmacological Therapy: Antiulcer Drugs Tranquilizers Anticholinergic drugs Antacids Histamine 2 blockers Proton pump inhibitors Pepsin inhibitor Prostaglandin E 1 analog

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