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Characterstics of a Teacher


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Very factual points which can be effectively used to sensitize teachers as to their importance in the building of society.

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Dear Teacher Colleague, Please note I have allowed download of the PPT. Thanks & Regards Linganagouda Kulkarni

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Dear Teacher Colleague, Thanks for the interest. My only hope is that at least few points will be used by the teachers to serve the society. Thanks for your support. Thanks & regards Linganagouda Kulkarni Director JPNES Group of Institutions, Mahabubnagara, AP, India


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07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Our Valued Teachers Dr Linganagouda Kulkarni Dean (R&D), Jayaprakash Narayan College of Engineering, Dharmapur, MAHABUBNAGAR – 509 001.

Agenda : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Agenda .

Education: Why ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education: Why ? Why 530 + Engg colleges today in AP compared to 250 in all of India in 1987 ! Education brings prosperity to individuals and society. Good education system provides life long service to our society. Education bring changes in the society, and acquiring education has become an important issue and a status symbol. How many will go to US from AP every year ? Higher education has given ample proof of its viability over the centuries and of its ability to change and to induce change and progress in society. IT boom.

Education: When ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education: When ? Education begins the day you come to this mother earth form mother womb ! Every one starts education from pre primary at 3 - 4 yrs. Then, primary, secondary, intermediate, graduation, post graduation and research etc. Graduation is what everyone is looking for. The age between 17-22 is more important. Many students in this age group have chosen your institution.

Education: What ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education: What ? Though every education filed is equally important, people choose.. Professional, especially Technical education. Because, Engineering education is a Transformer.. IT boom. Technical Education will transform your life, and has transformed many lives in this country since 1980’s. Technical Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower. Technical education has changed the face of India since 80’s ..from 250 colleges in 1987 to around 2500 colleges in 2008. Many have chosen your institutions.

Education: How ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education: How ? Education is priceless but our wallets are not bottomless. Look for a good school / college, which is affordable and suits your pocket. Choose a school which has a better track record of providing good education. Remember, students have chosen your institute, with many aspirations and expectations !

Education components: Philanthropists ! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education components: Philanthropists ! Most of education starts with philanthropy. With the visionary people – the philanthropists – the institution makes a beginning many years ahead. These philanthropists visualize the future for the people around them and for their wellbeing. The vision of the institution will be realized once the infrastructure and people, especially teachers are in place. You are the teachers in this institutions. The growth of the institute depends on you and your performance.

Education components: Infrastructure !! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education components: Infrastructure !! A good working environment – Infrastructure and facilities are equally important. Classrooms, labs, library, computers, etc.. should be in place. Your institute has all these and more.

Education components: TEACHERS !!! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Education components: TEACHERS !!! Teachers – along with everything else - are more important for good education system. Every one of us is a teacher, ready to help and guide. A teacher is one who helps someone in family, in social set-up, in distress, in schools etc. A teacher is a guide – to show you a path of your life. A teacher is a facilitator and do not worry about felicitations. A teacher is a leader in the class. A teacher is good learner, learns more from students A teacher is a transformer – Krishna who transformed Arjuna to fight and win the war. The Geeta. A multifaceted personality called Teacher – YOU – is ready now.

We are teachers by birth ! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers We are teachers by birth ! Everyone of us is a teacher by birth – teaching our younger ones at home, friends at playgrounds, schools and what not. Mother is our first our teacher, every parent is a teacher to their children. Have these gone through any training ? Yes concern, love and experience made them teachers – superior Teachers.

Why this FEAR ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Why this FEAR ? Then why this fear ? Are we not prepared ? Many have the fear of teaching and prefer other jobs. Kaela 04-22-2008, 12:24 PM I am a college student attending North Arkansas College. I am 20 years old and a sophomore as of right now. I am pursing a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I am hoping to teach kindergarten when I finally get out of school. I was wondering what some of your fears were, when you became a teacher. I am so excited about being a teacher, but I am terrified! I am afraid that I won’t know what I am doing when I start teaching! In addition, I am afraid I won’t be accepted by the other teachers! Another fear of mine is student teaching. How do you know what you are supposed to do? If you have any advice that will help me I would appreciate it! They have fear of fellow teachers, management, parents and students after all. The fear is short lived and require guidance from fellow elder teachers. This effort is in the direction. You are lucky and will be fearless.

Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! Who is a good teacher and what are the qualities ? Have a requisite qualification. Should have knowledge of the subject. Know the techniques of teaching. Should know the students interests. A punctual man. Planning & Preparing well for the classes. Have knowledge of psychology is added advantage.

Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! A better teacher is one who posses additional qualities, such as.. Research minded. Flexible attitude. Should have mastery over the subject. Should have command over the teaching techniques. Should have co-operative attitude. Should be free from prejudice. Respect for individuals

Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Teacher: Good, Better and BEST !!! A best teacher is one who posses additional qualities, such as.. Democratic outlook for life. Ready for self analysis and criticism. A true patriot. A Community man. A pleasing personality. Have good relationship with students, colleagues, principal and management. In all a good human being ! Yes, you can be one among this.

What is Effective Teaching ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers What is Effective Teaching ? A teaching which makes learning a fun. Teaching which enhances the understanding of the students. Teaching which lead to a better future of the students. Teaching which leads to learning of new things. Teaching which enriches the life of his students. Can we be an effective teacher ? Yes we can. Only through best practices and persuasion.

Value added life: GURU !! : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Value added life: GURU !! Our national tradition is GURU Parampara. Every one of us will have a GURU to give future directions. Sometime GURU is more than God. GURU adds value to our life. Can we add value to the life our students ? Yes, we can by inculcating some of the qualities of teachers.

Effect of a Good Teacher. : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Effect of a Good Teacher. As all of know, a good teacher changes the life of a generation. If doctor makes a mistake, it is not a mistake, as the is patient is buried 1 ft below ground, if lawyer makes a mistake it is not a mistake as the client is hanged 1 ft above the ground, if a teacher makes a mistake, an entire generation is spoilt. This is how the education influences the society / generation of people.

What are the values of a Teacher ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers What are the values of a Teacher ? Inculcating the qualities of a teacher Motivating the students to lead a successful life Real life conducts the eaxm first and then teaches you. But the teacher teaches you first and then keeps the exam. The core value of the teacher is to make students from real life.

How to enhance these Values ? : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers How to enhance these Values ? Experience – your own, senior colleagues, students and many more. Learning – your own, senior colleagues, students and many more. Practice – your own, senior colleagues, students and many more. Persuasion - your own, senior colleagues, students and many more. Your own ..

Our Beloved Valued Teacher. : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Our Beloved Valued Teacher. Can we be, these beloved valued teachers ? Yes we can be. Choice is ours. Are you ready ? !

My salute : 

07/12/2008 Valued Teachers My salute My salute to my beloved teacher, who taught me ‘ABCD…’

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07/12/2008 Valued Teachers Thank you !

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07/12/2008 Valued Teachers ?????

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