How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made

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The lab-grown diamonds are as beautiful as the natural diamonds and they hold the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Reducing the time of producing diamonds sounds amazing, but it can be done in a highly controlled environment by the experts. Here is the presentation helps you to understand How Lab-Grown Diamond Made and How long does it take to make lab created diamonds?


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How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made:

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made


1. Inspect Diamond Seeds Each seed is made of a repeating lattice of carbon atoms - just like natural diamonds. It’s carefully evaluated to ensure they are free of inclusions. 2


2. Plant the seeds on Disk Prepare the surface for growth and place diamond seeds on metal disk- usually containing 15-30 diamond seeds. 3


3. Placed in the Chamber Inject carbon-rich gases in chamber and excite the gases to an energy level where they form a plasma. 4


4. Super High Temperature Control chamber pressure and temperature is increased to 900-12000 C. 5


5. Let it Grow The activated carbon-hydrogen species attaches itself to the seed atom. 6


6. See in Action This process repeats itself endlessly for 3-4 weeks to replicate the crystal structure of the diamond seed in three dimensions. 7


7. Tightly Monitored The moment where seed crystal reach the desired diamond characteristics, quick removal alert has been set to the technician. 8


8. Ready to Cut & Polish Rough diamonds are removed from the chamber and cut and polish into gems. 9


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